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NaNo So Far!

So, in a previous post -points all the way down- I mentioned that I would be participating in NaNo WriMo this year for the first time (I also suggested it would hinder my blogging but this hasn’t yet seemed to happen which is pretty awesome). So, as I just hit the ‘quarter of a way to 50,000’ mark, I thought I would make another one of these lovely posts to let you all know how I’m doing!
Book Title: Misguided Memories (Working Title)

Summary: Amelia O’Callahan grew up believing that she knew everything there was to know about the world that she lived in. There is no such thing as magic, or creatures, and certainly not vampires! Or, so she thought. This belief is blown out of the water when she is thrown in the middle of what seems to be a battle ground and now she must learn to rethink about everything she had ever known, but she must do it quickly before she ends up getting hurt…
Current Word Count: 12,694
How many characters introduced: Five
Plot Twist?: Not yet.
Where are we?: Just finding out about a change in her routine life.
How’s it going?: Amazing! I had a small moment where I wasn’t sure about structure and POV but I think I’ve got it covered now which is gooood. Other than that, I’m still just still thouroughly enjoying it!
if you’re doing one, that is =D


  • Alice Audrey

    Those structure and POV questions can sometimes be a major road block for me. It’s always when I can’t decide about something that I get stuck.

    I’ve had a couple of bad days, but I started out well so I’m keeping up.

  • Faye

    Alice – Yeah, it’s never easy and with Nano being a more free flow writing task you often forget to fully think it out. or at least, I know that I do! lol.
    Thankfully got through that dilemma and have since been pacing my way through it! {need to finish it before the end of november really}
    But glad to hear that! -supporting you-


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