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New Glasses!

New Glasses!

**Before I start I would first like to clarify that the glasses I am about to talk about were received free in exchange for a review. I was not required to provide a positive review.**

Normally I buy my glasses at the opticians after I’ve had an appointment to check my eyesight so buying glasses online was an entirely new experience for me. Fortunately, Glasses Shop is an easy website to navigate through. With a wide range of frames to choose from, it is easy to reduce the choices by style, colour, gender, etc. It did not take me long to find a pair of glasses that I was sure I would love. (Pictured above) I chose these ones.

For me, I have always worn rectangle glasses, my face being to round to suit round glasses well. I’ve also always had frames, thin or thick but they’ve always been there, and thus it was easy to narrow down my search. And in my favourite colour which also goes well with the colour of my eyes – blue – and I finally found the perfect pair of glasses. But all of that wasn’t really enough – would they really look okay on me? Fortunately Glasses Shop have a very cool function on their website where you can load up an image of you and virtually try the glasses on – very cool!

Of course, after ordering them I was still filled with anxiety as I was sure they would not look good on me even though I had already technically tried them on. So I pushed the thought of them out of my mind and got on with my day to day life.

Luckily though, once the glasses came and I tried them on, I quickly fell in love with them. (picture below) I thought that they really complimented my face, brought out my eyes and just made me feel great. I had quite a few compliments too, which was absolutely wonderful. But it wasn’t just how they looked which was important to me, but also how they felt and how they would feel after a day of wearing them, etc, etc. I wanted to know that these were a pair of glasses that I could potentially wear daily. (Spoiler: Yes, I could).

The very first thing I noticed – aside from the wonderful fact that they suited me! – was how incredibly light they were. I could barely even feel them on my face which was very different to what I’m used to. It was actually one of the hardest things to get used to as I could see but didn’t feel like I was wearing glasses. But the benefits of light glasses are tenfold! I had no nasty red mark on my nose by the end of the day, even my ears felt like they were in less pain as well. It felt really nice to give my face a little bit of a break after years of wearing glasses.

Unfortunately I have a very peculiar shaped face. By that, I mean that it is apparently smaller than most people’s faces. When I get glasses at the opticians they have to bend the handles as far as they can to fit them to my face and when that fails, they have to tighten them to stop them from falling off my nose – an optician tightening my pair too much is how I ended up needing a new pair two years ago! Not exactly ideal. So another reason I was wary about ordering glasses online was whether or not they would fit but fortunately the pair I bought had ends that you could click to sit around your ear. Meaning that you can literally adjust them to your face shape.

Sadly my face still wasn’t quite right for this and they kept slipping under one setting and were painful against my ears on the next setting, however, as I’m already used to having to push my glasses up my face, this is definitely something I can live with – and is probably more about my face than about the glasses themselves!

Lastly, I just want to make a comment on the prescription. As someone who has never gotten glasses outside of the opticians, I was really worried about the prescription. (Again, I have odd eyes whereby I have astigmatism in only ONE eye which is why I find it VERY difficult to wear contact lenses!) Thus I was concerned that the prescription would not be quite right but I was very pleased and surprised to find that it was perfect. I could see just as I should have been able to do.

Verdict: The glasses I got from Glasses Shop were fantastic. The whole experience was really wonderful and I will definitely be buying glasses from there again – they even do prescription sunglasses – yay!

Where do you get your glasses from?



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