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Noughts & Crosses Read-a-Long Discussion; Double Cross!

Noughts&Crosses Read-a-long1

Noughts And Crosses Read-a-long

This month, as you may know, I have been hosting a Noughts and Crosses read-a-long with the aim of reading the whole series in a month! However, I’ve also said it’s okay just to read one book (or even just two or three!).

March 1st – 7th; Read Noughts and Crosses
March 8th – 14th; Read Knife Edge
March 15th – 22nd; Read Checkmate
March 23rd – 31st; Read Double Cross

On the last day of the books being read (7th, 14th, 22nd, 31st), I’ll be posting discussion questions (and answers) for all the participants to talk about the books – if they wish! It is not a mandatory aspect of joining the read-a-long.

Throughout the month, we can all communicate with each other via the hashtag; #readosandxs


Now, as it is the last fay of March, it is time to discuss the fourth and final book in the Noughts and Crosses series!

You can find the discussion questions for the first book here.
You can find the discussion questions for the second book here.
You can find the discussion questions for the third book here.

Below I have posted some questions that you can all answer in the comments below! Also, feel free to respond to other people’s comments as well. Let’s make this into a proper discussion!

Any and all deflamatory, derogatory, or just plain insulting comments will be removed from this blog.
I know discussions can get heated, but I will not tolerate abuse at me or at other people.


  1. What are your initial thoughts on the book? If it’s your first time reading it, did you enjoy it? If you’ve read it before, was the experience and emotions you felt different this time?
  2. In this book you get a chance to see more of Tobey, what are your thoughts on him as a character? Did you like him? Dislike him?
  3. The plot of this one moves away from the dystopian feel of the first three books and more into a gangster crime novel, how did you feel about that?
  4. There was a lot of issues surrounding drugs in this book, do you feel this topic was approached well?
  5. If this is your first time reading the book, how did you feel about the ending? If this is a re-read, did the ending feel as powerful as before?
  6. How did you feel about the series as a whole?
  7. Anything else you’d like to add?

My Answers

  1. From my memories, I remember really liking this one because it was slightly different from all the others. However, during this re-read I did find the beginning to be a bit tedious but I feel this is because I read all the books so close together. I was just getting a lot of the same information again when I was ready for something new. Pushing that aside, I still felt all the feels in this book and cried a fair few times, and by the end of reading it, still happy to admit that it is one of my favourite books in the series!
  2. I think Tobey is such an interesting and compelling character to read about. He is protective, struggles with his emotions, and just has a lot on his plate but still manages to get through it all. He is caring and loyal and I just really enjoyed reading about his story. I also think that he grew a lot as a character. I liked that he was taking things into his own hands but was still able to admit defeat and weakness when it came down to it.
  3. Loved it! I remember this as being one of the reasons I loved this book so much. It felt full of more action, twists, and turns, and just really kept the tempo up and the tension high! While it stands apart from the rest – it is a companion novel after all! – it still has everything great about the series within it. I think this was the perfect way to deal with this book rather than it just being more of the same! I think that would have killed this series completely.
  4. I think it’s dealt with sensitively and imaginatively. It gives a look not just at the people who deal drugs or the people who take them, but the consequences it has on loved ones as well. I loved that it gave such a full round view. But most importantly, I loved that it took the time to explain the whys. Why people take the drugs, why they start dealing or delivering, and why it has such an impact. I think it was definitely a good part of the plot.
  5. Gah! The Ending! The ENDING. It is OVER. Oh. Yes, the ending still had the desired impact from before. I did remember the ending as I read it but I didn’t prior to that and it was like a kick to the heart. Also it was just good and great and lovely and the perfect way to finsih the book. Yes. Definitely. I got all the feels and still feel a little raw from it! What brilliance.
  6. Still love it! So glad I did a series re-read! I haven’t done it in so long and I just loved being able to revisit the books. This series is truly amazing and one that I know I will continue recommending to others because it is just that good. So if you haven’t read it… goooo!
  7. Just that I’m so in love with these books. And Malorie Blackman <3


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