Reading Pet Peeves… or rather… grrr!


Last week I wrote a post on my reading habits and as it had such a great response – and I really enjoyed it – this week I thought I would take a different stance and tell you all about my top pet peeves when it comes to reading! It is highly likely that all avid readers have those small little things that make their blood boil under their skin, but I’m curious if any of you share the same irritabilities as me.

  1. Oh! What ARE you reading?; You know that moment when you’re in the middle of an epic battle and someone sits next to you and asks you what book you’re reading? Yeah, to show my irritation at THAT question I normally just lift the book closer to my face. Oddly, most people then assume you’re showing THEM the cover…
  2. Stop wasting your time reading.; This is for the people that don’t believe reading is a worthy pasttime. For those who stick their noses in the air when you tell them that you’re in the middle of a party reading a book on your phone. It is to these people that I shrug my shoulders, for they are missing out on some of the most amazing pieces of literature and I feel sorry for them.
  3. Oh! Wasn’t it great when…; SPOILERS are my BIGGEST enemy. I hate them. It’s not a case of anything else except that I just really cannot stand to know what I am about to read – what then, I ask, is the point in reading when you already know the shocking parts? If you knew how your life would turn out, would you still want to live it?
  4. The NEXT Twilight; No. Just, no. Bad marketing. Bad advertising. I hate it so much. I would rather not walk around reading a book that claims to be the next twilight. I have been put off books with this on but one I did read and I found myself loving it and it was nothing like twilight. It really worries me the lengths that have to be taken to get people to read certain books…
  5. I only read bestsellers; Close-minded readers annoy me. The ones who only read popular books, or books on Richard and Judy’s list, ones that have won awards and are spectacular. Sure, these books should be read but so do so many other hidden gems that you’re neglecting because you’re picky. Do you avoid watching certain films because they’re not Oscar-worthy?
  6. I have a new coaster; I’m not kidding. I have SEEN people use BOOKS as coasters, hell I’ve seen them used to steady tables and every time my heart dies a little bit. How can you ruin books this way? It’s so terrible, and sad, and it makes me want to hurt people. *shifty eyes*
  7. It was there a minute a go; One thing I do a LOT is lose bookmarks. I don’t understand it a lot of the time. I’ll put it down, get to reading, and then BOOM, the bookmark runs away. There really are few things that are as irritating as this. But I reckon if I were to ever move my bed away from the wall, I’d find a whole stack down there…
  8. Paperback vs Ebooks; All you supporters of ebooks who prefer them to paperbacks? Yeah, I have issues with you. I do love my kindle and I read my books from it all the time, but nothing, NOTHING will ever replace my paper copies. They are my babies, they are PREFERRED, and it will always stay that way. Ebooks may be the future but I’m sure as hell going into that future kicking and screaming.
  9. Libraries aren’t needed.; I feel strongly about this. I completely disagree. I am certain that even with this new future of ebooks and eaudiobooks, libraries will still be there, ready to HELP you in every way they can. I have a feeling they may be the last things left on the high street in the years to come. So don’t lose faith, but support yours. Anyone that thinks they’ll disappear has clearly never been inside one…
  10. Talk, Talk, Talk.; The BIG one. The one where you’re just sitting there, minding your own damn business and then someone thinks it is the PERFECT moment to start a conversation with you. The worse moment when this happens is when you take a few moments to respond and the other person gets irritated with YOU.

  11. So there we have it, some of my reading pet peeves. I’m sure I could have come up with many more but I did find that these were harder to come up with then my habits – but probably because habits are things I do everyday – but I am certain there are still more irritating things just waiting under the surface. What about you though? What things make you feel like you’re a ticking time bomb when you’re reading?



  • Anya

    I also hate ‘if you like twilight, you’ll love this’ – most of the time, it’s not even remotely like twilight! I have also had people ask me what I’m reading – I just look at them, show them the cover and turn away :)

  • Gaby @ Queen Ella Bee Reads

    I second all of these. I hate when people ask me what I’m reading as I’m reading. But the worst is when I shift the book to show them the cover and they ask me again. Like, hello, me lifting the cover of my book so you can read it is you answer. Leave me alone now because the love interest is finally going to kiss the protagonist and I cannot let you get in the way of that.

    Also, I always use to lost bookmarks. So now I just use ticket stubs and receipts. I can’t be bothered to buy a book mark for 4 dollars only to lose it. Although I’m being a big tourist in London right now and I bought a Beatles book mark from the shop on Bakers St. I might cry if I lose it even tho it only cost a pound or so.

    Great post!! We should get non-bookish people to read it. For educational purposes.

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Haha, or after asking about the title, to which you’ve shown them the book, they then proceed to ask you things about it and you’re just sitting there like “… hello? I’m trying to READ it. Geez.” :P

      I used to not use bookmarks but I very rarely buy them, just win swag from other bloggers :D but the few I have bought (like a uni one and some aquariam ones) are treated with the upmost respect! We shall not lose these ones. *nods*
      How long you in London for?

      Thanks! And haha, we really should, shouldn’t we?

  • Vicky Hooper

    Agree with so many of these! Why on earth do people think that quietly reading a book is an invitation to talk away at you? It’s like they think you’re only reading cos you don’t have someone to talk to. Aaaaaargh!

    And yes, the Twilight thing! I was put off reading The Iron Fey series for so long because it says ‘The Next Twilight’ on the cover. And I absolutely love stories about the fey so was afraid I would hate it for Twilightifying them. But it’s actually really good, and personally I don’t think it’s anything like Twilight at all. Sigh.

    Are there really people who use books as coasters?! *faints*

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Yes! That must be it. Or they think we must be bored with reading and would prefer to be chatting instead… o-O

      Mine was the Soul Screamers series, which does have a bit of a fast relationship in it which is *kind* of similiar but as the series continues it is TOTALLY not. It just makes me cringe when I see it for so many reasons :-(

      Yeah, seen a few dirty book jackets in the library which have a coffee cup circle stain on and I’m like… NO. :'(

  • Alexa Y.

    This post is made of PURE AWESOME. I completely agree with every single item on this list, but I’m especially convinced that #1 and #10 are THE WORST. I hate when people interrupt me when I’m reading, if it’s not for a good reason!

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Glad you think so! I was worried a lot of my peeves wouldn’t be agreed with and I’d lose people who were like… “she’s so close-minded” LOL.
      But I agree, it’s so irritating. Like, HELLO, can’t you see I’m busy?

  • Mel@thedailyprophecy

    I love reading on my e-reader, because I can bring so many books with me without the weight. But nothing can replace those precious, pretty books I have on my shelves. I can’t imagine that I would replace my books for e-books, oh no! They are just something extra and easy when I’m on my way to school or when I’m going on vacation, but when it comes to the choice: I’ll go for paperbacks.

    People who think that reading is a waste of time.. I just can’t talk to them. Please go and leave me alone, because you are not worthy of my time. If you don’t like to read, fine, you lose, but saying such an insulting thing..

    I also hate spoilers! They can ruin so much of my excitement, especially when I read a mystery book: there is no use in reading the story if you already tell me who the killer is.

    Again, great list! :D I love reading these lists.

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Agreed! They’re convenient but they are just nothing in comparison to their brilliant counterparts!

      It is truly insulting, especially as they probably think spending hours watching TV or playing games is better. >.>

      Yes! I agree completely! It just seems pointless. The ONLY exception to this rule is movie-book adaptations. If I’ve seen the movie and loved it, I do like to read the book to see where the inspiration came from :)

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

  • Nikki @ Foil the Plot

    Wow, I think you totally hit the nail on the head with these, Faye. And I’m with you 100% on the e-book thing. I fought it for a really long time and finally gave in and got a Nook for Christmas. And though I enjoy it, NOTHING will ever feel more satisfying than the turn of a page and feel of a book in your hands.

    And I’d like to know, WHO exactly, is using a book as a coaster?! Cause they deserve quite the whacking!

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Glad you think so Nikki! I know, I got mine a year ago and I still don’t use it as much and I always forget I have certain books on it because… well… I can SEE my paper copies. *stares lovingly at bookcase*

      I couldn’t agree more. It makes me overwhelmingly upset to see it :-( How dare they deface such brilliant artform!

  • Lolita

    I have a few of the same pet peeves as you have. I HATE it when someone ask which book i am reading. Especially because most people who ask it aren’t interested in reading it. I hate spoilers and always try to write my reviews spoiler free, sometimes when I think the blurb contains small spoilers I also mention that before posting the blurb. I also prefer paperbacks to e-books, I also love my Kobo, but there is just something about having a real book in your hands. And I also hate it when people keep talking to you, I mean if you are reading it should be ovious you don’t want to get talked to.

    On the other hand I never lose my bookmark. I always use a bookmark and never loose it, I usually place it beside me and it stay there until I need it again. I did one time almost lose a bookmark when reading in bed.

    Another thing I hate is damaged books or more like damaging a book when reading. I try to be very carefull with my books and I can’t stand the sight of seeing someone crack the spine or dog ear a book. I almost never lend out books, because I am afrid the other person isn’t as carefull with them as I am.

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Very happy to hear that I’m really not the only one who has these pet peeves! The talking one is really irritating though, what is up with that?

      I envy your ability to not lose bookmarks!

      Oh, I struggle with that too. It’s like handing someone your baby and just being worried they’ll drop them on the head o-O. lol.

  • Hollie @ Music, Books and Tea

    I could not agree with this list more if I even wanted to! I really have a problem with people talking to me when I’m reading, especially if it’s not all that important. Can’t they see I have more important things to be doing? On the topic of Paperbacks vs. E-books, I hate it when people say ‘oh, it’s not a proper book if it’s an e-book’ or something along those lines. IT IS STILL A BOOK. Yes, some people prefer reading hard copies (I know I do!), but e-books are still brilliant. I wish everyone would appreciate their greatness, haha!

  • Alice in Readerland

    “Stop wasting your time reading.” It is absolutely ridiculous how many times I’ve heard that one!!! It definitely makes me furious. It’s none of their business anyway, and I happen to know that most people who say that to me watch a LOT of TV (because, you know, that’s not wasting your time, but reading is).
    I also don’t understand how people don’t like libraries. Some of the people I’ve met don’t even have a library card or bother to check if the library has a book, they just go out and buy everything.

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Completely agree! It’s a silly statement to make and just usually has no place in the world either. Ugh. Some people are just so ignorant and naive!
      That is just crazy, but then, that is when we avid readers come along, grab their hands, pull them into the library and sign them up, give them a book and send them on their way :D

      I love that I often sign up three to four people a day – and many more sign up in the library altogether. That tells me we’re going nowhere anytime soon! :D

  • Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages

    I hate the one “Oh you read” Of course I happily respond yes, but then the asker just kind of rolls their eyes and ends the conversation. These people that don’t read I feel sorry for them because every new book I read is an adventure to be taken and they just don’t understand that. I get to meet all these new fictional characters and they have to stick to the real life ones. I love reading and I love to talk about what I read, but I find at my high school anyways it is hard to find another soul who reads and then when I find somebody who actually reads they don’t want to discuss the book. That is why the online booktuber/blogger world has been a great thing for me because although my sister and I read the same books. She very rarely wants to have conversations about them with me.

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