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Hey Guys!

So this is one of those posts that I hate writing and one that I’ve been putting off and off but it’s time I finally posted it or I’m going to just stress myself out to much and that is kind of the opposite of what I want.

The truth of the matter is…

blogging is no longer fun


Ahhh. there. I said it. And it actually hurts to admit it. I love blogging and I have really enjoyed it but the last few months have just been TOO MUCH for me. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my life, been working more hours than I expected (which is a good thing) but all in all it left me in a blogging slump and a reading slump. I’ve finally pulled myself out of the reading slump (just), but I’m still struggling with my blog. My problem is that I’m only writing posts because I feel I have to, and not because I want to and that is not how I ever wanted my blogging to be. I feel pressurised to write reviews of books, the make sure that there are posts of some kind on my blog at least twice a week and it has just been dragging me down and giving me unneeded stress.

Here are some of the things that I want to change;

  • I want to be able to read a book and not feel guilty that I don’t review it STRAIGHT AWAY
  • I want to be able to NOT read for a day and not feel guilty because I’m already so behind on review books.
  • I want to be able to NOT post for a few weeks and not feel horrible that I’m neglecting my blog.
  • I want to WANT to post on my blog.
  • I want to ENJOY blogging again.
  • I want to ENJOY reading again.

Because of these things, I am going to be changing things around here.

  • I am only going to post when I feel like posting. If that means I don’t post anything for a month, then so be it.
  • I am only going to write reviews of review books – but I am not going to force myself to read review books.
  • I am going to learn to enjoy my life, so in turn I can enjoy both reading and blogging, without feeling unknown pressure about both activities.

What this essentially means is that I may be going on a small hiatus. But then, I also may be back tomorrow with a post if I just get inspired enough to write a post. It means that I’m taking away the pressure of this blogging lark and hoping that will help me to come back into things. It also means I will have time to visit other blogs and do lots of commenting and just get back into the community of things.

But that’s not all.

This is a problem I have noticed happening for a while now and I actually told myself to give myself a month off. Thus behind the scenes I have been working with some bloggers and authors to bring you a bunch of interviews and guest reviews. These will all be posted in July which means that you actually won’t be viewing a post-less blog, there will just be a lot less ME on the blog for a month.

There’s more.

I will still be co-hosting the New Adult Readathon, and I will be fully commited to the read-a-thon as well. So please don’t worry about that at all!

I’ll also still be on twitter so if you want to just chat with me, please do!

In all honesty I’m really hoping that this will only last a month, and that having the time off will remind me of how much I used to love blogging and I’ll be back in full force in August, but I just wanted to post this in case that doesn’t happen. In my time away from blogging, I’m also going to be re-thinking the features I host here, having a look at my blogging schedule and just seeing if changing things up will help with anything. If there are any features you want me to keep, or would rather I never do again, please let me know! Your feedback on how I run the blog is always appreciated.

In a while!


  • Anya

    Aw, that really sucks that you feel like that about blogging at the moment – writing two posts a week isn’t a lot and yet I’m actually forgetting to write them sometimes, god knows how you do it with a job alongside! Good luck with your hiatus, especially if it means you fall in love with reading again, with no pressure.

  • Rebecca @ Reading Wishes

    I hate blogging and reading slumps. This community is an AMAZING one but sometimes blogging becomes like a chore and it sucks when that happens. So do whatever you have to do to feel better about blogging and don’t put too much stress on yourself. Enjoy the break and reboot, hopefully it’s just what the doctor ordered!

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Thanks Rebecca! This means a lot. And the community is absolutely amazing. And one of the main reasons I didn’t give up blogging a LONG time ago! I’m sure I’ll start to miss blogging in no time :D

  • Rachelia (Bookish Comforts)

    Good for you for deciding you need time off and taking it, Faye! The only reviewing review books and not pushing yourself to read them sounds like a good idea. I hope this helps re-inspire you and that after a bit of a break you’ll want to return to blogging again :)

  • Hollie @ Music, Books and Tea

    Aw Faye, I’m sorry you’re in such a blogging slump at the moment! You’re definitely doing the right thing by taking time off until you actually want to blog again, as there’s nothing worse than being forced to blog when you really don’t want to! I think your ideas are great, especially only posting something when you actually want to post something, instead of just doing it for the sake of things. I hope you enjoy your break and that you come back refreshed and excited! <3

  • Nikki @ Foil the Plot

    I’m sorry to hear that blogging/reading have no longer brought you the joy that they once did, but I think we call can relate and we completely understand. It’s all too easy to push ourselves so hard that we become burnt out on the things we once loved, which is an awful feeling.At the end of the day, you need to do whatever is best for YOU, first and foremost. Even if that means taking a step back for awhile. I applaud you for being able to do that and look forward to your energetic return!

    As for features, I really enjoyed your Monday movies feature (big surprise there!).

  • Jenna

    I’ve felt the same thing sometime ago..and i think that’s just normal. Not just in blogging but in whatever hobby or thing we do. Might be work or school (always happens lol), or as i said a hobby.

    I think the key is to remember (which uve done! Nd that’s really nice and good) why we chose blogging and why we enjoyed them in the first place. Going back to that basic question usually brings our passion back. U just have to pull it out from u. :)

  • Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, and Tea

    I feel the same way. When I finished my final exam earlier this month, I realized I’ve had enough of reading for a while. (I had to read a crazy amount of American Lit books in a v. short time which put me off) I’m starting to get over this reading slump but most of the time I still don’t feel like reviewing them. Which isn’t how it should be.

    Taking some time off and remembering we’re supposed to do this for fun and not because we have to is a great idea, though. :) I’m posting only twice (or maybe 3 times) a week but that’s enough for me. Keeping up with memes and posting every single day would be an added pressure we don’t need right now.

    Anyway, I hope your blogging break helps a little bit and we’ll see you soon! :) <3

  • Nadia

    aww, it sucks that reading and blogging makes you feel that way, I totally understand though, sometimes it just gets overwhelming and stressful with everything else that is going in your life. You just take all the time you need, to get yourself into the place where reading and blogging is fun :) Good luck sweetie!

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