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Spring Clean Your TBR Goals


Hey Guys!
So the Spring Clean Your TBR starts on Wednesday! I’m excited to read some of the books I’ve been meaning to read for ages, are you?

This post is my goals and my mini-TBR. At the bottom of the post you can link to your own goals for the month!

And before I forget, there is now a Twitter Hashtag, this is


My Goals

April is looking like a bit of a busy month BUT I do have a lot of train journeys and some days off so I’m hoping that in that busy month, I’ll get a fair bit of reading done. Therefore I’m going to have my goal pretty high to begin with. If, halfway through the month I’m not halfway through my goal, I will definitely change it.

With that in mind, for this challenge I am aiming to read eight books that have been sitting on my shelf/on my kindle for over a year.

See, a high goal as I’ve not been reading as many books as normal recently but lets just see how it goes!

My Mini-TBR

Because I like choice I have actually chosen sixteen books to choose from. There are eight hardcopies and eight e-copies. We’ll see how well it goes – knowing me I’ll probably end up reading books not on my mini-TBR at all! (But that’s totally okay!)

Doll Bones Renegade Parallel Visions Shadowplay

EVERSEA_4 me since you The Winner's Curse The Moment Before



So as you can see, I have a lot of good choices to pick from! I’ve decided to start with The Oathbreaker’s Curse by Amy McCullogh as this was also in my Finish It Feb list and I didn’t get to it – and still haven’t! But after that… who knows!

Would you recommend any of the books above?

You can add a link to your goal posts here;


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