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Street Song by Sheena Wilkinson

Street Song by Sheena Wilkinson

Hi Guys!
Today is my stop on the Street Song blog tour and I have a review of this fab book to share with you all!
First though, here’s the info about the book.

About the Book

Street SongWhen life goes off-key, change your tune.

RyLee’s career is over. After winning a national TV talent show and becoming a teen pop sensation, his fame and success has quickly been followed by addiction, media scrutiny, and career suicide. After a brief spell in rehab, 18-year-old Ryan has some rethinking to do.

His stepdad – music promoter and self-appointed creator of ‘RyLee’ – wants him at home and in school, and under his thumb. But after an argument descends into violence, Ryan decides to run away from his old life, his failed career, and his dysfunctional family.

When he meets the stunningly witty but distinctly average guitar-player Toni almost directly outside his front door, the opportunity to start afresh seems too good to pass up. Before long, he has arrived in a new city, joined Toni’s amazingly talented band, and reinvented himself under the name ‘Cal’. For the first time in his life Ryan has friends around him, he’s playing the music he’s always wanted to play, and – despite living in a hostel, busking for his wages, and living under a false identity – he’s finally happy.

But just when Ryan feels like he has truly started over, his past begins to catch up with him.

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My Review

Sometimes You

Sometimes you pick up a book and it can take some time to get into it but fortunately this was not the case with Street Song. Before I knew it I had read almost half of the book and was very, very curious about how it was all going to end. This book was entertaining, uncomfortable, heart-breaking and heart-warming all at the same time. It is a very powerful and poignant book that I think a lot of teenagers could find a very interesting read. It’s a book about homelessness but also about accepting help when you really need it. It’s full of music, friendship and love – everything you might just want in a contemporary Irish YA.

Have To

Cal has tried his hardest to turn his life around after his past but it hasn’t been that easy. One day things go too far and he does the only thing he can think of; leave. From here the book progresses into how Cal becomes a different person and finally puts his past behind him. It is a compelling book and one that is also full of mystery too. I ended up really liking Cal and the two girls that he meets up with. Together they make three protagonists that are truly fascinating to read about and help bring to life so many emotions.

Break Before

For me, character development is essential in a novel. It is what can turn a book from a complete mess to a masterpeice – in my eyes. Characters and character development show that the novel is working. It brings emotions to the surface and pulls the reader in. It also truly takes you on a journey which is what I love most about books. In this book Sheena Wilkinson does a brilliant job of bringing the characters to life and giving them all personal journey’s that they go on during the book. My favourite character though, by far was Cal. His journey was also the biggest and I felt so many emotions for him and it made me think differently about some things too.

Being Fixed

Overall, I found this book was easy to read, addictive and interesting. It is full of action, emotions and sensitive topics. Sheena Wilkinson has done a brilliant job of writing these topics into the book without bogging it down or by putting too much of a negative spin on things either. It’s all very informative as well. I think it’s a really powerful book that you really shouldn’t be missing. It’s a book that I am incredibly glad I read and would definitely be recommending as a fascinating YA book to read.

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Street Song


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