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The Bookshop Girl by Sylvia Bishop

The Bookshop Girl by Sylvia Bishop

Hello All!
Today I am here with a review of a book that I absolutely loved and highly recommend; The Bookshop Girl!

The Bookshop GirlTitle: The Bookshop Girl
Author: Sylvia Bishop
Illustrator: Ashley King
Publisher: Scholastic UK
Published: 2nd March 2017
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback
Source:: Review Copy
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, Waterstones

This story is about a little girl named Property Jones, so-called because she was left in the lost property cupboard of a bookshop when she was five years old. Property loves living in the bookshop, but she has a whopper of a secret… she can’t actually read! So Property doesn’t see the newspaper article announcing the chance to win the Montgomery Book Emporium, the biggest and most magnificent bookshop in the world! When her family win the competition, Property finds herself moving to the Emporium, a magical place filled with floor upon floor of books and a very bad-tempered cat. But all is not at it seems at the Emporium and soon Property Jones finds herself in a whole heap of trouble.

Sometimes You

After reading Erica’s Elephant I was primed and ready to read her next book, certain that it would be another magical and lovely book. Fortunately, I was not wrong. The Bookshop Girl is a magnificently beautiful and adventurous book that really shows how talented Sylvia Bishop actually is. In a world where being different can be difficult to deal with, Sylvia Bishop has created a story that truly celebrates being different. She has written a story that is magical, unique and full of a wonderful story of acceptance and love. It is a book that you do not want to miss.

Just Have To

I do not want to go into too much detail about this book as I do not want to spoil it’s mysteriousness but what I will say is that Sylvia Bishop really knows how to pull the reader in with a wonderful and creative imagination. I absolutely loved everything about the world that The Bookshop Girl is set in. It was vivid and vibrant, easy to imagine, and included a bookshop that I would definitely want to visit if it existed in real life! Sylvia Bishop has created a book that is very likely to capture the hearts of children and adults alike with a fast-paced and action-packed plot surrounding a wonderful backdrop of books and bookshops.

Lose Yourself

There is absolutely no way to not fall in love with Property Jones. She is a very lovable, very adorable, very interesting character who naturally finds a way to charm herself into your life. I very much enjoyed reading about her and getting to know her a little better as I did so too. I loved following her journey and cheering her on as well. It made the book that much more entertaining and exciting. I also really liked Gunther the cat too. And the rest of the Property’s family were all so lovely and interesting to read about as well. Sylvia Bishop has created a wonderful cast of characters for this book.

In a Bookshop

This book is just as magical and lovely as Erica’s Elephant – if not more so! It is full of adventure, mystery and love. The perfect book for children who are looking for books that are just a little bit different. It is a book that will lift your spirit instantly and one that will leave just a little bit of hope in your heart too. Accompanied by some absolutely fantastic illustrations, this is a book that I am certain children and adults are all going to love. So if you love cute, charming and beautiful books, you should definitely make sure you read this book!

Four Stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **


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