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The Cradle Will Fall – Mary Higgins Clark

Summary: Katie DeMaio is a county prosecuter  who skids on the ice in her car, causing her to crash into a tree. With the accident landing her in hospital, it is with sleeping eyes that she truthfully witnesses a doctor carrying a dead patient through the parking lot. However, when she wakes, it all seems to be a bad nightmare.

The next day, Vangie Lewis is found dead in her house by her husband Chris after she commits suicide and Katie is called in on the case and there is something eerily familiar about Vangie Lewis that she cannot quite place.

Just as her office begin to realise that Vangie Lewis was actually murdered and that Dr Highley is the leading suspect, Katie DeMaio is on her way to his hospital department for surgery…

Four out of Five Stars ****

This is an incredible read. From start to finish it manages to fully pull the reader in, and makes it extremely difficult to put the book down. Clark gives the narrative a vast scope of many different points of view, allowing the reader to be given the enitre scope. This ploy is the one that truly hooks the reader into the story for they understand what has happened, they realise what is about to happen and yet, at the same time, they are completely and utterly in the dark.

It is a story that awakens the spirit in the mind, the one that urges you to carry on reading to find out if he manages to get away with it, or whether she gets saved in time. There a moments of pure shock and horror and other moments that really manage to get the reader emotionally involved. In my personal experience, I felt I needed to take a break from the book as I could tell what was going to happen but I simply didn’t want to read about it. A feeling that I miss when I read novels that twist and turn all over the place.

But don’t get me wrong, because this story definitely has its twists and turns as well. As you turn page after page, your brain gets bogged down in the story, trying to piece together all the little pieces along with the detectives solving the case and you can’t help but express a little joy when certain events unfold along the way.

This is a brilliantly written novel that truly brings out the best emotions in a person, and one that leaves you feeling like you lost a friend when you reach its end. It is one that I would recommend to many and I, for one, cannot wait to read another of her books and get ready to launch into another spectacular journey.


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