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The Whitstable High-Tide Swimming Club; Diving In by Katie May

The Whitstable High-Tide Swimming Club; Diving In by Katie May

Hello All!
Today is my stop on the The Whitstable High-Tide Swimming Club; Diving In blog tour! I am here to share with you all my thoughts on the first part of this book and as a sneak preview… I loved it! First though, as usual, here’s that all important information on the book!

About the Book

Meet Deb, newly separated from her feckless husband and struggling to start again on her own. When she begins to swim every day at Reeves Beach, she soon gathers a group of new friends around her – each of them at their own crisis point. But can Deb escape her old life, or will family ties and personal demons drag her underwater again?

THE WHITSTABLE HIGH TIDE SWIMMING CLUB is a serialized novel in three parts – taking you through a year in the life of Deb (fraying bikini, sunglasses), Maisie (black wetsuit, swimming shoes, goggles) and the other high tide swimmers. A heart-warming, funny and poignant story of romance, friendship and second chances. It’s also a song to the author’s home town of Whitstable, where the sea is smooth, the shingle is painful on bare feet, and the air is full of possibilities.

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My Thoughts

The Whitstable High-Tide Swimming Club has everything that I absolutely love in books all wrapped up in one place – well three if you count parts two and three! – and so it just makes sense that this is a book that I would highly recommend to you all. This is one of those books that has a high feel-good factor and on top of all of that, it’s also incredibly gripping. It’s character-driven, easy to sink your teeth in to and full of interesting and spirited women. On top of all of that, it also has that small town community charm that I absolutely adore reading about in books! I honestly have nothing bad to say about this book and this very rarely happens lately!

As this is only the first part of the book, I obviously cannot reflect on how the whole story came together but what I will say is that I actually really like the splitting of this book. It feels like it’s ended the first part at a really good part and I definitely want to read more but it also doesn’t feel like it’s a story that’s been chopped up. It all just feels natural. Which obviously just adds to the whole feel of the book and it also feels quite good to read a book this way. Not that this is a bit of the book you actually want to read about so on to the rest…

I can’t help but love Deb. I think she’s a fantastic character. She has her quirks and eccentricities and the more that we learn about her, the more I fall in love with her character. She’s both strong and weak but she’s also caring and lovely and selfless. She is a wonderful character to read. I also find Maisie to be a very interesting character and definitely understand her need for alone-time but also her need for companionship. She has a very vibrant characteristic to her personality and she is definitely the most level-headed one of them. Lastly there is Ann who I actually struggle with a little bit. I guess I’m a little like Deb in this regard but she did finally warm up to me and I’m very interested to see how her character might grow in the next two parts of this book!

All in all, this book is a very cute, heart-warming, quick and entertaining read. It definitely has me wishing I lived by the beach and could swim in the peace of the sea and that I lived in a little seaside town where the community can all come together. It’s a feel-good book to the max and one of those books I love because you get that from the friendships in the book, not romance! And that is essentially what this book is about; female friendships. And I absolutely love that the most. Honestly, if you haven’t already got this book on your radar, definitely make sure you get your hands on a copy as it is well worth it! And at the moment the ebook is only 99p per part so you get a whole story for only £2.98! Excuse me while I go and get the next two parts…

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