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Thursday’s Special Spotlight; Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

Special Spotlight

Thursday’s Special Spotlight is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts. It is inspired by her library’s “Book of the Week” and Stepping out of the Page’s From the Review Pile. It also stems from how far behind I am on writing reviews and how guilty I often feel about it!

The idea of this feature is to spotlight books that I read e-ons ago that I absolutely loved and I feel deserve the spotlight on this blog! They will be accompanied with reasons as to why I loved them and why I think you should read them.

This weeks pick is Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood

Born Wicked

I read this book for my very first Geeks Who Read book club meeting all the way back in May and I absolutely loved it. It was a story that really managed to pull me in and got me really interested in everything that was going on. Born Wicked is set in a fictional history where having magical powers could get you killed. These types of stories have always fascinated me and I was instantly intrigued by it all. Add this setting to a killer plot, a tangible romance, and a tough heroine and you have yourself one hell of a good story. But, if you wanted to read further into it, you could really dig into feminist theory with this novel with the oppressive women living beneath men and having no “power” without them, but they are merely afraid that the witches have the power to transition the world completely.

Arguably it was a long time since I read this book and I know I’m hazy on a fair few details but I also know that this was a book that captured my heart, a book that I read incredibly quickly and one that I was really glad to have gotten a chance to read. I really felt for the main protagonist and I loved the scenes with her love interest – especially one specific bookshop scene but I won’t be spoiling it for people who haven’t read it! Just know that there are some really romantic scenes hidden within this gem of a story!

Why should you read Born Wicked
While I can’t force you to read this book, I do believe that it is one that many should read. It is interesting, full of magic (I *know*, but my descriptive words have disappeared for now), and utterly captivating. I do, however, know that this book isn’t for everyone and I’m not going to start spouting that everyone will fall in love with it, but if you like witch stories, historical fictional stories, feminist stories and some lovely romance with a heroine who is fiesty and unwilling to just be backed into a corner, then this is more than likely going to be a book that you’ll enjoy! So, if you think you’ll enjoy it, why are you still without it? ;)



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