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Top Ten Jungle Songs from the 1990s by Ryan Bloodworth

Top Ten Jungle songs from the 1990s by Ryan Bloodworth

Hi all! Today is my stop on the Fabulous Riders blog tour and I have the lovely Ryan Bloodworth on the blog today talking about his favourite jungle songs from the 1990s!

Top Ten Jungle songs from the 1990s

So Long by Seba and Lotek
This track sums up the vibe of 1996 with its dreamy and melodic style. There is also a kind of melancholy to it that has a therapeutic and calming effect. I first bought it in 1996 when I was at University. It was one of the very first tracks I bought. This was a track played by LTJ Bukem and Fabio.

Deep Everytime by Calibre.
This track really represents the beginning of the Liquid Funk style of Drum and Bass. It sums up my attitude to the music – it’s deep every time. I bought this in 2001 when Fabio had just started his Swerve night at the Velvet Rooms in London.

Space Funk by Digital
Again this tune is a classic of the mid-90s. I love the creative synth sound and the spaced out funk vibe.

Feel the Sunshine by Alex Reece
Alex Reece was huge in the mid-90s having developed his unique jazzy and melodic style of Drum and Bass. His album So Far was really a milestone in the history of the music.

Horizons by LTJ Bukem
I cannot put into words my love for the Bukem sound of the 90s. I remember hearing Logical Progression for the first time. I was at University at a friend’s house. They were telling me about this new jungle sound and I loved it immediately. Horizons is a seminal track of the Logical Progression vibe.

Share the Fall by Roni Size
No list of 90s jungle can ignore Roni Size. I remember hearing his ground breaking sound on the radio. The New Forms album really changed the game. I love this song and the souful vibe.

Angel by Goldie
The most important album of the 90s was Goldie’s Timeless. This track is a particular favourite of mine. It is a classic of the Metalheadz sound. I love the jazzy vibe which then breaks into a harder beat and sound.

Where’s Jack the Ripper? By Grooverider
I think Grooverider’s Mysteries of Funk album is a masterpiece. It surprised a lot of people with its jazzy style and leftfield tracks. This tune though really represents the Grooverider sound. It is dark, bad and heavy. I love it.

Demon’s Theme by LTJ Bukem.
This is an earlier track from the 90s – around ’93 I think. You can still hear the hardcore influences. It has such a good vibe. It gives me a feeling of dancing deep in the night in another world.

The Angels Fell by Dillinja.
This is an absolute classic of ‘90s jungle. It is heavy, heavy, heavy. I do like this dark vibe and excellent drums. It’s rough and tough like the ‘90s jungle sound.

About the book

Hackney, east London in the early 90’s and jungle music —a fusion of Caribbean culture, rave music and the multicultural city itself— is erupting from its roots to capture the imagination of people from all walks of life. Raves are taking over the city’s underground music scene and the likes of M-Beat, General Levy and Kenny Ken are dominating the pirate radio stations. People are queueing down the street on Saturday nights to enter Paradise Club in Islington, continuing the party on Sundays at Thunder & Joy on Tottenham Court Road and later would be lining up to listen to early Fabio and Grooverider at Rage, Charing Cross. Amongst the energetic beats blaring out across the city, east Londoner and DJ Alex, of Jamaican descent, is adding his own sound to the mix alongside his mate Nathan.

Through their shared love of music and nights spent at the cutting houses a strong and beautiful friendship arises. But with the rave scene of the 90’s came the pills, certain rivalries and the ‘haters’. And one night, Nathan discovers Alex in his flat in a state of psychotic paranoia…

About the Author

Ryan Bloodworth lives in Surrey, UK. He has studied western philosophy at academic level and has an interest in Eastern religions and spirituality. Since clubbing in the 90s, Ryan has developed a love and vast knowledge of electronic dance music. From Detroit Techno to UK Drum n Bass, Ryan has sought to bring these inspiring music forms into his writing..

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What are your favourite jungle songs from the 1990s?

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