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Top Ten Movies I Want To See in 2015

Hey Guys!

There has already been so many GREAT movie annoucements for next year so I thought I would share with you all the top ten movies that I cannot wait to see!

Pitch Perfect 2 avengers3 Furious 7

Pitch Perfect 2; I loved the first film so much. I have re-watched it more times than I count and I really cannot wait to see what will happen next. I know the second movies are usually never as good but I don’t care, it looks great!

Avengers: Age of Ultron; Okay, I admit it. I love the Avenger movies. I know they’re full of CGI and bravado but I think they’re great entertainment and I cannot wait to see what happens in this next one.

Furious 7; It gets worse, right? Because I LOVE this series. Essentially I think they were good with four, but I won’t lie and say I’m super excited for the new one. Although, it’ll be sad without Paul Walker. *sniffs*

Insurgent Mockingjay 2 m3_154_duff_1sht_V1.indd Paper Towns (book)

Insurgent; I have not seen the trailer to this film and I hope to keep it this way until the film. But, regardless, I am super excited for this one and I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle it. I am, also, a little worried but here’s hoping they don’t ruin it too much!

Mockingjay Part Two; I really enjoyed part one so I’m super incensed to see how it all ends. While Mockingjay is actually my least favourite book of the trilogy, I am intrigued to see how they’re going to end it all!

The DUFF; I have not read this book (but hope to before the film) but I’m definitely intrigued by the movie. It’d be intriguing to see if it is a cool fun teen movie like recent adaptations have been!

Paper Towns; Again, I haven’t yet read this book (eek! don’t hurt me!) but I plan to before the movie finally hits cinemas. But, despite that, I still really want to see this film as it sounds like it’s going to be very interesting and hopefully very good.

Jurassic World Testament of youth The Theory of Everything

Jurassic World; I’m a little worried about this one. A little scared that it won’t be great BUT I also really want to see it just to find out if I’m right or wrong. It could, after all, be absolutely amazing!

Testament of Youth; You know how I love War books? I also love war films and this one looks set out to be a truly intriguing film! I am definitely looking forward to finding out what it is all about.

The Theory of Everything; This film is all about the life of Stephen Hawkings and the trailer did a good job of making it look incredibly good. Really looking forward to watching this one and seeing if it is any good or not!

I am waiting on more films and I’m sure as the year progresses there’ll be even more films to get excited about but these are the ones I’m really looking forward to at the moment!

But what about you? What films are you anticipating?



  • Hollie

    I am with you on so many of these films! I actually really enjoyed Fast & Furious 6, so I’m looking forward to 7 coming out, although you’re right, it won’t be the same without Paul Walker! :( Mockingjay part 2, The DUFF and Paper Towns are all on my radar, although like you, I still need to read The DUFF! And I’m really intrigued by The Theory of Everything’s trailer, it looks like such a good film and Eddie Redmayne has received a lot of praise for his performance, so I really want to see it if I can!

  • Critica

    Omg, I really want to see Mockingjay Part Two and The Theory of Everything. The Theory of Everything’s trailer made me cry and people have been saying it’s fantastic. :) The only book by John Green that I’ve read was TFIOS, and I loved it, so I hope I can get around to reading Paper Towns before the movie comes out.

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