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Top Ten Tuesday; Heroines

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new topic is given and this weeks topic is Heroines

For this topic I have chosen five heroines from Books and five heroines from Films.


Harry Potter 1 Throne of Glass geek girl

Hermione Granger; Bookworm + kick-ass. What’s not to love?

Caelena Sardothian; She kicks ass and cares about how she looks. Talk about awesome.

Harriett Manners; She’s a geek. She’s a model. She often makes a mess of herself and is a perfect portrayal of females.

Defiance Fangirl

Rachel; She is smart. She is resourceful. She lets emotions affect her like every human would.

Cather; She’s an introvert. She has anxieties. She’s smart, creative and fascinating to read about.

image image image

Veronica Mars; Sassy, fun, spy, intuitive – what’s not to love!

Buffy; I’m sure she’s the epitome of awesome. She kicks demon butt, is still feminine and is just super cool.

Becca (Pitch Peferct); She is a creative. She stands her ground and knows who she is. And is even willing to admit when she’s wrong. Perfect.

image image

Kim (Chalet Girl); Maybe not your usual heroine but I like Kim. She’s shown as being human.

Mindy Macready / Hit Girl; What a strong and fantastic character! Hit Girl is such a fun, powerful, brilliant heroine that I think is just so great to see in film.

There are so many amazing heroines out there though which is always great to see.

Who are your favourite heroines?


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