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Top Ten Tuesday; New-To-Me Authors Read in 2014

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new topic is given and this weeks topic is New-To-Me Authors read in 2014

I didn’t actually read that many new authors this year, which I find a little bit sad but these are all the ones I read that truly wow-ed me and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of their books in the future! (As always, no particular order)

Vicious2 You Don't Know Me Amy and Matthew

Victoria Schwab; This year I read Vicious and fell in love. It was such an incredible book, written exceptionally well. I already have two more books written by Victoria and I cannot wait to read them.

Sophia Bennett; I read Sophia’s books because I heard how good she was and I wanted a “wow” book. And I definitely got one! Really enjoyed my first experience of Sophia Bennett and have since read another of hers and liked that one too!

Cammie McGovern; I only read Cammie’s book because I’d been hearing some good things about it but it ended up being a truly fantastic read and Cammie became an author that I will be keeping an eye on!

little lies Where Love Lies amy and roger's epic detour Love Letters to the Dead

Liane Moriarty; I had been hearing lots of good things about Liane’s books and they were constantly being taken out of the library so I gave in and read one of them to see what the fuss was all about. And I loved it. The book was incredibly brilliant and I cannot wait to read more by her.

Julie Cohen; I read Where Love Lies randomly. I saw the cover, read the synopsis and thought it sounded good. And it was good. It was amazing. The book blew me away and I’ll be reading some more of Julie Cohen soon, I’m sure!

Morgan Matson; This is another author that was new to me this year and I’ve already two books by her. I loved Amy & Roger so much, so when I got my hands on her new release of the year, I simply had to read it. I also own her third book and plan to read that very soon!

Ava Dellaira; I got this book as a review copy but I know I had been anticipating it beforehand. It had sounded like a book I would love. And I did love it. It was such a great book and I’m definitely keeping my eye out for more by this author.

Drummer Girl Cross My Heart bird

Bridget Tyler; Looking at the cover of this book, I wouldn’t have given it a go. But then I did it as a buddy read with Caroline and I was glad we did because I loved this book so much. It was a lot more than I thought it was going to be. I would definitely read more by Bridget in a heartbeat.

Carmen Reid; I don’t generally like reading historical fiction books but there is something about war books that always pulls me in, and this book did exactly that. I knew it would work for me but I had no idea it would be such an amazingly brilliant book. I truly enjoyed this book and will read anything else by Cameron straightaway.

Crystal Chan; One of the first books I read this year was Bird and it was a book that quite literally flew me away. It took me out of this world and into the world of the book and I became entranced. I loved it so much and wish that more people appreciated the brilliance of this small, cute, lovely story.

And that’s everything! But what about you? What are some of your favourite new-to-you authors of this year?



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