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Hi All!
Today I have the lovely Paula Harrison on the blog talking about her top ten places to find inspiration.

Top Ten Places to Find Inspiration

By Paula Harrison

Hello! I’m very excited to be doing a guest post as part of the lead up to the UKMG extravaganza. My name’s Paula Harrison and my book RED MOON RISING was published in April.

RED MOON RISING is the story of Laney who lives in a village where everything seems ordinary until she discovers that the place is full of Fair Eyes (faeries – but they’re human sized not tiny!) who live in different tribes – Mist, Greytail, Thorn, Kestrel and Blaze. These tribes have power over water, wind, plants, animals or fire. Laney discovers her own power and the dangers that come with it. The second book in the series, DARK TREE SHINING, is out on 1st October.

When you’re writing it’s a really good idea to get out and about to encourage your thoughts to flow. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been stuck on something only to find the answer pop into my head after leaving the house. So here are my top ten places to find inspiration:

By the sea


I always feel creative by the sea. There’s something about the constant movement of the ocean and the ever-changing view it provides with clouds moving and birds flying. Unfortunately I live nowhere the sea so I have to travel quite a long way for this kind of inspiration.

A friend’s house with cake


There’s nothing like a good chat with a friend to restore your mental energy. The cake is an essential part of this whole process!

Somewhere a little strange…


…like shopping centre with full sized cow statues in the middle! Weird stuff lets your brain make new and unexpected connections.

Anywhere with an adrenaline buzz


OK so I’m a monster truck spectator rather than driver. But I find the adrenaline of watching and the fun of it all leaves me fresh for new ideas.

The top of the world


This is a ‘clears your head’ kind of thing. Take a notebook with you!

Next to a river


OK so I’m quite big on nature as you may have gathered. Water is soothing, especially in a river as still as this one.

In a bookshop!


Of course I had to put a bookshop in here. When I go inside I can hear all those stories whispering to me. A tiara is optional.

Visit a castle


The thought of all the things those old stones have seen over the years is very inspiring. Plus they this one has a tea shop with scones.

Somewhere where you can bond with animals.


Perhaps this marks me out as a children’s writer but I love watching animals and studying their personalities.

Go down to the woods


There’s a place of folklore embedded into our brains – a place of witches, talking trees and superstition. This place has nothing to do with logic or reason. It’s bred into us from centuries of storytelling. For most people in the northern hemisphere, the wood is the epitome of this place. Beware when you step into a wood because you might not be the same when you come out again.

This wood is the inspiration for DARK TREE SHINING.

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Where do YOU find inspiration?


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