Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights; The Small Edition

weekly highlights

Weekly Highlights is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts and will be a post highlighting things that happened on and off the blog. It is inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, Books, Biscuit and Tea’s Showcase Sunday, Kimba Caffeinated’s Sunday Post, and the British Letterbox Love.

In the feature I won’t mention everything I received, nor every post I wrote during the week but will simply feature a selection of things I wish to spotlight a second time around.

Post Highlights

So today marked the first week of blogging again after a long break and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. Saying that, I am now ill and didn’t manage to schedule in any posts for next week so I’m hoping that it doesn’t last too long so that I can get some good posts up for you all. It is also why this highlights post is going to be nice and quick, and why there was no vlog this week! Hopefully be back to posting normally again soon.

However, next week I also start working full time so it may be harder to post because of that as well but I’m going to do everything I can. Just try not to hate me if I don’t post much in the upcoming weeks!

Moving on…

This week I posted a discussion about books-to-movies. Find out what I think about it all here

I also released a teaser video, check that out by clicking here

Finally, I did a quick post to you all what I’ll be reading this weekend – which all went out the window because I’m ill but I will continue to read these books during the week. Check those reads out here


I have one final giveaway going on which ends TOMORROW so enter before it’s too late!
Do so here

Two-Year Blogoversary

It is just over a month until my two-year blogoversary – which I’m still struggling to believe! – but I have absolutely no idea what to do for it. I have some books I’ve been saving for a giveaway but I want to do something more than just give things away and I was wondering if there was anything you wanted to see? Maybe you want me to talk about the blog, or to discuss how the blog has changed me or maybe you’re bored of all that and want something different? Just let me know!

Letterbox Love


I got a nice little pile of books this week, including a few I’ve REALLY been looking forward to but I want to share them all with you in a video so as soon as I feel well enough I’ll make a vlog to show you all and will post it as soon as I do.

But do let me know what you got!

And there you have it, my Weekly Highlights!

I hope to visit all posts of this manner, so feel free to link to your own IMMs, Sunday Showcase, Sunday Posts, Letterbox Loves or whatever it is you do below!

what did you get this week? what cool blog posts did you stumble upon? what are you waiting to happen this week?


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