Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights; 31/01/16

weekly highlights
Weekly Highlights is a feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts where I highlight some of the blog posts I’ve found throughout the week!

Lifestyle Posts

Sarah wrote a very informative and resourceful blog post this week about 5 ways to increase your savings this year. You can find the post here.

I found this post by Kelly to be so helpful and great advice. She explains the 10 things NOT to say to someone with PTSD. You can read it here.

In a similar vein, Jessie this week has written a post with 5 tips for getting through depression. You can see what she has to say in this post.

Have you ever wondered why we eat breakfast? In this post on Helen’s blog is a great infographic explaining the great health benefits of eating breakfast.

In this post Andreea talks about what can be done for physical and mental health aside from healthy food and exercise.

Fitness Posts

Something I’ve been struggling with lately is motivation to keep up with my fitness, so I was really happy to stumble across this post by Tasmin about how to get motivation.

Charlie has explained why, depsite enjoying the gym and workout classes, she is going to be focussing her blog back to the running market. With valid reasons too. It’s a very interesting read and you can catch it here.

This week Victoria has written a great post about workout classes which I had to agree on every point for! Find out what I mean by reading this post.

Book Posts

This week Soozie has written this great post about 10 good things about adult colouring books!

Bee has written a very interesting post this week about sequels. You can find it here.

In this post, Novel Cravings talks about being a book hoarder and what her book collection looks like.

Sophie has told us all 17 reasons why she loves being a book blogger. You can read why here.

This week, Tales on Moon Lane announced that they’ll be starting a new feature, taking over the Six Degrees of Separation feature. You can read more about here.

What have you posted this week? Seen anything I might have missed?


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