Netgalley November Update #2



Hey Guys!
Can you believe that the second week of November is already over? Seriously… when did that happen?


As it is now the third friday of the month I am sharing with you all how my goals for this event are going.


So, I set out to read 4-6 books for this challenge, and I also want to try to get my statistics up to at least 45%. It’s nowhere near what it needs to be but it should be a start.


In this second week I have still only read ONE book. I am now 70% done with reading;


I was planning to finish this book on Wednesday but while it is a book that is totally gripping me, I’ve also been on the verge of a reading slump with my brain telling me I could be doing better things (what?)
To counter-act that, I started the first re-read I have ever done since blogging! I am reading the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone!
I also finished the non-netgalley book I was reading last week!

My stats are at 37.5% so I still have a little way to go before I reach 45%.

And that’s all of my progress report complete! How are you doing with your goals?
Feel free to simply comment below or add your post link to the linky!
I will do my best to visit and comment on everyone’s updates!


8 thoughts on “Netgalley November Update #2

  1. One book is better than none! I think that was my problem last week, I didn’t really feel like reading plus I knew I had a stack of library books that needed to be read by this week which was making me feel guilty!

    Hope your brain gets out of reading slump mode :)

  2. Aw – I know how life can get in the way of fun stuff like reading. And, you made SOME progress, which is what’s important. Even more important is to remember that you still have two weeks to go! I didn’t make much progress this week either – only one novella read. But, it was because I had three blog tour books to read. Next week will be better for both of us!

  3. At least you’re still making some progress! I hope your reread pulls you out of the slump though.

    The HP audiobooks are a lot of fun! I’ve listened to 1-5 so far, and have liked them more than reading the books. :)

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