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5 Fave Childhood Reads – #WBDwithUKYA

5 Fave Childhood Reads – #WBDwithUKYA

Hi All!

Today is World Book Day and I am on a blog hop with some wonderful bloggers to celebrate the day! We have chosen to share with you all our 5 Fave Childhood Reads! You can check out Imi’s post which went live 30 minutes ago: here.

(*FYI* Choosing just FIVE was incredibly hard.)

My Five Fave Childhood Reads

The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson

So I was an avid Jacqueline Wilson fan. I read as many of her books as I could actually get into my hands so choosing just one for this was not an easy task. Essentially I chose Tracy Beaker because it is the story of a girl who goes through a lot and comes out of still standing. She continues to have faith and hope that her mum might one day turn up and in the meantime she is a girl with a big personality who shows that it’s okay to be whoever you need to be. I honestly loved all of Jacqueline’s books and they definitely shaped my reading when I was younger.

Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman

There was absolutely no way I could write this list and not include this incredibly powerful book. I didn’t read this until I was a little older but it really stuck with me. So much so that when the fourth book came out, I had spoken about it SO MUCH that my mum and dad (who were divorced) both bought me the fourth book for my birthday. It is a book that made me want the world to be a better place. A book that engrossed me completely and one that I just absolutely fell head over heels for. I also love how this book is still relevant today.

Ally’s World; The Past, The Present and the Loud Loud Girl by Karen McCombie

For something a little bit more fun, I had to include this series. While my eldest sister started reading the Louise Rennison books (I still haven’t read these!) – my mum found this series and I absolutely devoured them. The series is long and in all honesty I don’t really remember what happened in them but I do know that I continuously read them and got through the entire series. I do still have three of these books somewhere too. They were the Louise Rennison books for the younger generation and I am so glad that I got to read them as I have continued to love Karen’s books ever since!

Matilda by Roald Dahl

It would be impossible to complete this list without including at least one Roald Dahl book! I, as above, absolutely devoured all of his books but it was this one (and BFG) that really stuck out to me. In this book, a girl is treasured for being a reader and as the only reader in my family – it was just the message I needed at the time. I love that this book is still relevant today and hope that many more children can find hope and happiness through Matilda and her mysterious powers.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J. K. Rowling

Lastly, but certainly not least (seriously, I could list books for decades), I had to include Harry Potter in this list. It may sound like a cliche but honestly this book changed my life. After reading the first three books back to back, I was hooked on the series. I, quite literally, grew up with Harry Potter. I went to midnight signing queues and did everything I could to avoid being spoiled too. I also found my writing life with this book. I started to role-play and write fanfiction. Something that really brought my writing life out of me and for that I will be forever grateful.

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What are your favourite childhood reads?


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