A True Break…. Potentially the End

A True Break… Potentially the End

I’ve been putting off writing this post, mostly because I’ve been having a break from my blog and also because it is a tough post to write, a bit end of an era like.

I’ve been blogging for over six years now and I’ve been a few periods where I just haven’t felt like blogging but it’s never been quite as bad as it has been lately.

In all honesty though, I’ve felt so much better this past month. I’ve been reading whatever the hell I feel like reading without feeling guilty for not reading a book for a blog tour or before a release date. Hell, the book I’m currently reading is released in March and I do not feel guilty for reading it five months early and neglecting those coming out in November!

Plus, I’ve been feeling less stressed in the evenings too. If I just want to watch TV, I can do so without worrying that I have a blog post to write up. Or a book that I *should* be reading.

All in all, this blog became like a job to me and it’s not and never will be. It’s a hobby and it’s supposed to be fun and the fact that it no longer is has definitely been weighing heavily on me.

So I am taking an indeterminate break. I may, or may not, be back. I refuse to make that decision today.

What I will say is that I AM still reviewing on Big Book Little Book and on Litsy so do head to that blog and app to read my thoughts on the books I AM reading!


  • Atwood Cutting

    Hello Faye. I actually just started following your blog, probably because you were expressing a kindred view to my own on the whole social media book blogging quagmire. So, congrats to you for surfacing and taking a look around at your world and assessing your angst. I have only dabbed my feet in the pool, but already I feel overwhelmed and guilt-ridden.
    Enjoy your newly rediscovered life, my almost friend. Perhaps we’ll chat again, and perhaps not. Either way will be fine.

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