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December’s Bullet Journal Pages

December’s Bullet Journal Pages

So I started Bullet Journalling this year and I absolutely love it! I love having a visible representation of my month. It’s also just a really nice way to switch off from the world for a short while.

But one of the things I haven’t yet done is share my designs here on my blog so I thought that a nice way to come back to blogging is to show you all what I’ve been doing instead of staring at a computer screen!

December’s Pages

So to start every month I have a page where I list all of my important dates on a nice little page. As it’s Christmas season, I decided to decorate it with Holly!

On the other side I have a space to track which books I have read, received and reviewed throughout the month. Eventually – hopefully – all those bookshelves will be filled with books!

This is one of my favourite spreads; my music playlist and film’s I’ve watched. As the month goes on I will write in the music I am listening to – obviously this month that will hopefully be full of Christmas tunes! – and the movies that I watch throughout the month, whether they are new to me or not.

This is one of my most important spreads of the month. On this page I have the space to list all of my OCD victories throughout the month. These can be little moments or big ones but is basically a good way for me to see what barriers and battles I have overcome throughout the month. So far I have already filled in two boxes for this month and last month I filled in the whole page. It’s a fantastic visual representation of how I am not letting my OCD beat me down.

On the flip side, I then have this page which is for me to fill with all of my anxious and depressive thoughts. Any time a negative, worry-filled or awful thought enters my brain, I am going to catalogue it and write it down. I can then look at the thoughts and realise that the things never happened or aren’t true and can work on overcoming the issues and how they’re affecting my day to day life.

And flipping back over again, I also have a Happy Memories page. On this page I will fill it in with moments or memories that happened throughout the month which made me happy. Whether that’s seeing a friend or reaching a sales target or just having a good day at work. If it makes me happy, it’ll be listed here. I think this is a good thing to reflect back on all the good things that happened over the month or year and remind me that there is a good reason to keep going.

As I’ve been suffering with migraines for a while now, I thought it would be a very good idea to have a visual representation of when I get them. But I didn’t want every month to be exactly the same so I keep spicing things up a little bit. Last month was a coffee cup, this month a Christmas tree.

Along with my pretty migraine tracker, I have also created a pretty mood tracker too. For this one I decided to go with a Mandala – my first ever – and I have to admit I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. It’s not perfect or the prettiest I have ever seen but it’s good enough for me!

Another thing I like to do each month is a habit tracker – quite a popular thing to do in Bullet Journals. Every month I set myself different things to track but some of the basics are the same. (i.e. how many steps to make each day. Last month I set myself at 8K target but as I hit this almost every day, I increased it to 9k this month!)

Firstly I want to apologise for the white boxes on this post but I forgot to take a photo before I filled it in with presents I’ve bought so far! And I obviously don’t want to ruin the surprise. So this is my present tracker page. A page to remind me who to buy for, what I got them and how much it cost/ what my budget is!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I have my weekly planner. I have four weeks for this month and it nicely all ends on a Sunday which I’m quite pleased about as my new Bullet Journal can now start on January 1st nice and easily! On this page I track tasks I need to do, any notes (such as a reminder I was ill on x day), what I eat for dinner each day and then plans I have, when I want to do my running and what I want to do on my blog or social media channels! A nice little bit of organisation.

So that’s it! Do you Bullet Journal? What do your pages look like?


  • Lisa

    Great post Faye! I’m starting a journal for 2018, so I’m doing some research and think I’ll be shopping at Paperchase for mine! There’s some fab stencils on Amazon that I’ve got my eye on too

    • Faye

      It’s so great! I’m really looking forward to starting again in 2018! I use Staedler pens. I think they’re really good for creating bold coloured lines! :)

  • Mia

    Wow! This looks awesome. I would love to have one of these but I don’t think I will manage to prepare it on time :) It will take me a week or two just to prepare it LOL!

    • Faye

      I think the preparing bit is my favourite part! I do everything in pencil first and then go over it in pen. It’s so nice to be creative and have the pages look exactly how I want them and not just how they look because the supplier wants it that way!

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