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Author Interview: P. W. Wolfendale

Author Interview: P. W. Wolfendale

Today is my stop on the Combats and Kisses blog tour and I am pleased to welcome P. W. Wolfendale on to the blog with a quick interview! He’s come up with some intriguing answers!


What was your favourite thing about writing Combats and Kisses?
My favourite thing about writing my book was the enjoyment of bringing back all my fond memories, even when I was writing it I would occasional chuckle to myself, and, there were times when I would be shedding tears as I was reliving the death of my mother and father.

Where did you write Combats and Kisses?
After deciding to write my book, I would always carry my laptop around with me. Being a driver instructor allows me to sit in isolation in the confines of my car; waiting for my next pupil to arrive would always give me 10-15 minutes of pure pleasure to write another page. Every time one of my pupils had a driving test, I would sit in the test centre for 40 minutes typing away, and occasionally I would catch the odd word from a song that was being played on the radio and write it down to use later. Sometimes at home or on holiday would always have me typing away.

What do you think is the most important part of Combats and Kisses?
The most important part of my book from my perspective is the areas that are not always covered in other military books. A roll call of the men I served with at the front of the book took lots of time and perseverance to track them down, along with their Army records. There is also the roll the military wives play when you’re away in conflict; knowing that they will be there when you return is sometimes the only thing that keeps you going.

Are you planning on writing anything else?
In the future I would probably be looking to write a work of fiction, based on some true facts from my childhood.

Why do you think people should read Combats and Kisses?
I have tried to get in to the minds of everyone out there of what it was like growing up from the age of 16. At times, we all wonder what path to go down, after reading this book I would hope that my audience will be able to relate some of the things that went on in their life; first dates, getting drunk for the first time, meeting new friends, falling in love, and, what it was really like on the streets of Northern Ireland.

About the book

There comes a time in life when you have to walk away from your family and surround yourself with people who will be your everlasting friends, people who will be there for you in times of need, and people that will never let you suffer alone. As a sixteen year old lad, and still attached to my mother’s apron strings, I decided to fulfil my teenage dreams and join the Army. This is a true in-depth encounter spanning over ten years of military service. How the next ten years unfolded is something I felt I needed to share with the world. Basic training, military pranks, letters from our loved ones, the endless civil war in Northern Ireland, heartache, bullying, and last but not least, our fallen heroes. Feeling all alone as I waited for the train to arrive to take me away from my family and friends is a day I shall never forget.

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About the Author

P. W. Wolfendale was brought up in the town of Nantwich Cheshire and now lives a few miles away in Shavington Crewe. He works as a Driving Instructor, and has done so for the last 27 years. He is married with four grown up children, and one of them ironically lives in N’Ireland close to Londonderry. Combats and Kisses is his second book. His first book, Driving to L and Back is a collection of small stories with comedy sketches.

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