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Behind The Blog #13; We’re Dreaming Big


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This week draws the main Olympics to a close. So many hundreds of athletes have been competing for three prestigious medals – Bronze, Silver and Gold. Every single one is sure to dream one day of holding a Gold medal in their hands – one that they won themselves. Unfortunately for many it will not happen as they dream but that doesn’t mean they ever stop trying. In light of this, this week we’re asking you what are some of your dream goals? What are your opinions when it comes to goals that never seem to turn into reality?
In relation to books, which characters have you loved witnessing achieve their goals or whose dreams you have loved and cherished? Are there any goals you have acquired because of characters you’ve read about? Tell us all!

Growing up I had a few dreams that kept changing but the one that stayed all the way until I turned 17 was the desire to become an actress. I loved acting, I felt like I was good at acting but, eventually as I grew older I lost my self-confidence. Could I really do it? Was I even good at all? After years and years of getting the “chorus” roles and only average grades, my thoughts that I could actually achieve my goal dwindled. It was then that I looked more closely at films and everything behind the scenes and now it is simply my wish to work within the film or television industry. I don’t particularly mind about what I want to do, but if it involves film or television then I just know that I’ll be happy.

What I learnt from my dream of acting was that everyone has that one thing that wish to do in their life. That one thing they just want to achieve but there are always so many people who will try to stop you. Don’t aim so high as you’ll only be disappointed. You’re one in a million of people who want to do the same thing, you’ll never make it. What makes you better then everyone else? These questions and statements are all horrible and are reasons why so many people will eventually give up on their dreams – like I did – because it suddenly feels so unrealistic. It’s okay to have that kind of dream as a young child but as we grow up, it’s almost as though adults want to scream at you, “no, do something normal and achievable.” It’s devastating.

But not everyone listens.

And the Olympics and Olympic Champions are proof of this. Everyone who competes are individuals who had a dream to become the best contester of their preferred sport. They dream to be the best; to become the best in the entire world. So it is safe to say that while there can be said to be a lot of negativity surrounding the Olympics – inside and out – there is also a lot of positivity. Every single contender is an inspiration because these people are standing there telling everyone else that you could do it. If you work hard enough, believe enough, live enough and have enough motivation and support, you have every chance to achieve your dreams.

So I know that one day I will work in films. One day my name will be on those credit lists and I’ll be extremely ecstatic about it. It will be tough, it will be gruelling but if I try hard enough, it’ll come true. And if, for some reason it doesn’t, I will make it to being a lecturer and I’ll be able to inspire others the way that I have been inspired by my lecturers. My dreams may no longer be unattainable in the same way but with the way the economy is going at the moment, it won’t be an easy climb. But I believe I can do it and the Olympics have helped to remind me of that.

Books I loved that had unachieveable dreams;

  • Harry Potter; Look at me like that all you want but the idea that Harry was able to defeat Voldemort? It should have been impossible but only because he worked hard and kept at it did he finally achieve his dream.
  • Throne of Glass; Caelena may have been the world’s greatest assassin at one time but after being in prison for a year, it was unlikely that she could win, and so she really had to train and work hard to do what she had to.
  • The Hunger Games; I couldn’t not mention this, could I? There was no way that Katniss could have thought she’d win the game. It may not have been her dream until she was a tribute but it certainly appeared as soon as she was! And aren’t we glad she achieved her goal?

There are so many films that involve characters dreaming big and winning, it seems to be an easy plot for directors and scriptwriters perhaps but there is just one I want to mention today.

  • Black Swan; This film was stunning. But the dream within it was utterly amazing. She worked hard, she trained to the end of her tether and she became her character so much. She was truly perfect. A brilliant inspiration – if a slightly morbid one!

But now that you’ve got to here, why don’t you join us!
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  • Ashna Banga

    That’s so true! We dream so much as kids, but we’re told to be ‘realistic’ when we grow up. Not good. and the sad part is, it’s often that we don’t have enough self confidence to fight it, and so we give in. It’s be awesome to fight back and make your dreams come true.

    Good luck Faye! I’m sure we’d be seeing your name in the credits soon! :D Keep that confidence! :)

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