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Behind the Blog #17; Reading Matters


Behind the Blog is a meme to help bloggers connect their life and interests to the content showcased on their blog. The co-hosts, Faye, Kathe, and Melissa will provide a different topic, idea, or question every week that bloggers can relate to themselves and the books, films, or other media they find interesting!

This week we are having a FREE week. This means that whatever topic you feel like talking about, you can do just that! Want to cover a topic you missed? Go ahead! Want to cover something new? We won’t stop you! Whatever you do, have fun!

It took a while for me to choose a topic this week; probably because I know the topics to come and the ones we’ve covered in the past but I finally decided (with the glorious help of my MIA co-host Kathe) on a good topic. I’ve had this topic mentioned on my blog before as I had a lovely guest post on it but I have never indulged on it myself. So, for today, I am going to tell you all about my favourite reading places.

Just as everyone has their favourite genres with reading, finding the perfect place to read is also a very personal thing. Some people may find it incredibly relaxing to read while taking a bath while another may find baths to be an irritating place to read. While where we read may not say a lot about us as individuals, I have always found the topic to be really fascinating because I could probably read just about anywhere, but there are some places that I find particularly better then others.

  • In Bed
    It’s possibly one of the most common places to read as we all want to end our day with a bit of escapism (or hell, start it!) and I am definitely one of these people. But, even in the middle of the day I quite like going up to my bedroom, using my pillows as a guard and leaning against the wall with a glorious story to disappear with.
  • On the sofa with a cup of tea
    I had to add the with in this case because reading curled up on the sofa is best done with the best beverage in the world (I’m British to the core). At home I have the most comfortable reclining sofa as well so when I’m not in the mood to curl, sitting with my legs straight out in front of me is very comfortable as well!
  • On the Beach
    Or by the side of the pool in a hot country but I don’t get that opportunity very much so we’ll stick with the beach for this. I love going to the beach because I get to settle down on the sand, read for a few hours, cool off in the water and then get straight back to my book. There really aren’t many things better than that.
  • In a Coffee Shop
    Sometimes. It really depends on the coffee shop. I do love me some Starbucks coffee but I need a coffee shop that has nice, comfortable chairs and unfortunately my local Starbucks only has a few of these and they’re almost always taken. It’s not so great trying to read on a hardback chair. *sadface*
  • On Long Journeys
    Better if they’re on the train or plane – reading in cars and buses can sometimes cause me to feel sick which is never good – but I love being able to “reduce” the length of a journey by spending time warped in a good book. When a four-hour journey feels like it’s over in less then five minutes, it is simply blissful.

So, those are my top five favourite places to read. But here I have an interesting – and somewhat ironic – fact for you. I am going to divulge to you all my least favourite place to read.

Are you ready?


My least favourite place to read is… the library.

I told you it was ironic! But wait, don’t judge me just yet, let me explain! I don’t like reading in a library because I find that the books all around me, the people moving, the need to want to recommend or even just ask what other people are reading is too overwhelming. How could I possibly read a book when there is so much more going on? I also feel it rude to sit in the library listening to music and since I find it difficult to read without music… well, it just isn’t a peaceful experience for me, unfortunately.

Now that I’ve enlightened you all on my favourite reading places, do you care to share your own places? Any odd ones? Any the same as mine? I’d love to hear about them!

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  • Clover

    I’m with you on reading at the library! Distraction central. In fact, I don’t much like reading anywhere outdoors for that same reason. For me, I usually just read in the three places – bed, sofa, train. Occasionally on a park bench while my boys are off running around :)

  • Cayce

    These are all places I love to read, too! :)
    It’s getting colder now in here, so the beach is not an option anymore *insert sad face*, but I like to sit in our garden on warmer days to read (entertain the dogs…)
    And I’m with you on not liking to read in the library. It’s too quiet.

  • Melissa

    My bed is my favorite place to read by far. I usually have a cup of tea next to me, and a snuggly blanket and I’m set. I totally understand about the library. For me though, I don’t like it because there are usually a lot of (quiet) conversations going on but the chatter is distracting.

  • alexandrasscribblings

    Hells yes to the bed!
    When I’m at home, I like to sprawl over the armchairs in our living-room, which gets a lot of sun. I tend to sit cross-ways though, with my legs hanging over the arm, rather than sitting properly like a normal person.
    The only place I I can’t read is while traveling – doesn’t matter what it is – train, plane, car, if it’s moving, I’ll get nauseous. So annoying. I tend to listen to music instead.

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