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Blog Tour: Following Evan by Elida May

Hi All!

Today is my stop on the Following Evan blog tour! I’m here today to tell you my five favourite things about this book in hopes that it will persuade you all to read it!

*disclaimer* I organised this blog tour in exchange for payment. This does not, in any way, affect my judgement on the book that I read before taking on the client.

But first, here’s some more information on the book.

Three years on from the sudden death of her husband Matt and a subsequent miscarriage, interior designer Laura is still lost in grief, hiding out in the smart London townhouse that was going to be her family home. On the encouragement of her best friend Carla, she signs up to a dating website and receives a message from a mysterious stranger, imploring her to visit him in New York because he has seen her face in his dreams.

Meanwhile, Laura visits an art gallery and is captivated by a painting of a beautiful woman in a flowing dress. It seems to be speaking directly to her, beckoning her to take a leap of faith.

These seemingly disparate events lead Laura on an epic journey to the bustling streets of the Big Apple and the desert landscape of Wyoming, where the clues to her future happiness are waiting to be discovered…

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Five Favourite Things About Following Evan

The Main Protagonist, Laura

Laura was initially the very reason that I fell into this story so quickly. I love how much time is invested into her emotional state. Having lost her husband and her son in quick succession, Laura is left depressed and alone. This is where we find her but it is her journey to discovery that we witness, which was just magical and spiritual.

Easy to read, flowing pace

The writing style of this book is incredibly easy to stick with. It flows off the page and into the mind easily, making it a perfect book to escape into. As soon as I started reading, I fell into the life of Laura and the world she lived in until the moment I put the book down again. The style is melodious and caressing all at the same time.

The intriguing plot

From the very beginning of this book I was curious as to where this book would lead. What would happen and how would Laura fare through it all. There were so many things that I did not see coming at all but loved how they came to life in this book. I loved all the little odd moments that crept up as you read through the book, all of it making you wonder what on earth is going on.

The Wonderful Settings

This book moves from London to the English countryside, to New York and finally to Wyoming. All of the settings are wonderfully described and really make you believe that you’re there. My favourite setting was definitely the English countryside. It is while on a small break that Laura meets a family and starts to really begin her journey to recovery. I loved how emotional she becomes here.

The Beginning

While I really loved this book in its entirety and loved where the book took me, one of my favourite bits about this book is still the beginning. It was what hooked me on the book in the first place and is the part of the book that I think about the most. It is all so incredibly well-written and is just so lovely. It keeps you curious and keeps you just turning that page wondering where it will all lead. It is, quite simply, a brilliant beginning.

About the Author

Elida Elida May was born in Albania in 1972. Growing up in a Communist country, where access to books was severely restricted, helped to nurture her love of the written word, and she avidly read whatever genre she could get hold of, including a lot of European literature. Today Elida lives in London with her son Elidon. Following Evan is her first novel, and she is currently working on her second, Diary of Michael Vica.

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