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Lucy Spotlight
blogger spotlight!
Hi Guys! So, one idea I came up with for my blog is to have monthly blogger spotlights! At first I thought that this would just involve a blogger interview but upon doing some thinking I’ve decided to make it a bit more interactive then that!
So, basically, the bloggers that I choose (and who can agree or disagree) to be spotlighted on my blog will have their link (and button if they have one) on the top of my sidebar of this blog for an entire month. This means that they will constantly be on show to you, my adorable followers and you will know how much I adore all of them!
Throughout the month I will post a few posts here and there involving them, (reviews, posts they’ve recently posted, general thoughts about them as a blogger, and, ultimately, an INTERVIEW) which will give you followers the chance to love them just as much as I do, or at the very least will give you the opportunity to pop over to their blogs and have a look for yourselves!
If you haven’t guessed it already, the third blogger I have chosen for this is Lucy from ChooseYA Books!
Lucy is one of the most awesome bloggers out there. What? You don’t know her? Well, get on it! Go check her site out now!! =D She is adorable, and kind, and lovely and was actually the first fellow UK blogger that I met and since then, well, I can’t seem to get enough of her! She is also a fellow university student and so we share our ‘grumbles’ and ‘mumbles’ about studying every now and again! I enjoy talking to her and she always has some interesting reviews and posts on her blog! (I honestly don’t know where she finds the time to do it all!). So, for all of these reasons, she was chosen by me to be my blogger spotlight! I hope that you all get to know her and love her as much as I do!
And watch out for my posts this month for more news about her and posts from her and all of that awesome stuff that will be coming your way! :D
**if you would like to be considered to be a blog spotlight, feel free to e-mail me! (address in “contact me” above)


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