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Blogger Spotlight – MUSIC, BOOKS, AND TEA!

blogger spotlight!

HOLLIE! (Music, Books, and Tea)

Every month I choose a new Blogger to spotlight on my blog. This blogger is usually someone who I have come to know through blogging, someone who I admire and who’s blog should be getting a lot more traffic! Being a part of this means that the blogger gets their website “stickied” to the top of my blog *points to left-hand corner*, they get an interview and a few other things here and there throughout the month! It’s a way for me to share my love of them to you, and for you to find a new and amazing blog!

Got that? Good.

So, this month’s Blogger Spotlight is Hollie from Music, Books, and Tea!

Why is Hollie Chosen?
I do not have the greatest memory to remember exactly when I met Hollie, nor for when I started to fall in love with her blog but I do know that I am so glad that I did. Hollie is a truly lovely girl who is always so kind and enthusiastic. She’s friendly and easy to get along with and our twitter chats are usually quite fun – when we have them!

But, it is not just because of her swell personality that I wanted to have her as a spotlight. Hollie’s blog is truly charming and deserves a little bit of light shining on it. All of her reviews are really great to read and she also reviews music (hence the name of her blog) and a few other bits here and there too. It’s all so creative and inspirational and is always something that I try to find the time to read – even if I don’t always comment.

Therefore, I am calling out to you, my followers, to go and look her blog up. Check out some of her posts, add her on twitter and simply get to know the girl that I have grown to admire. For she definitely deserves your attention and you may just find yourself addicted to her words, as I am.

So, I must ask you now, what are you waiting for?
Go check out her blog!


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