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Behind The Blog #25 – Remember, Remember!


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Remember, Remember, the 5th of November!
It is impossible to grow up in the UK and not know about the 5th November. While some may not know the history behind the date, the rhyme and the quantity of events and fireworks that go off around the date are well known. As this weekend is the big one before the date, this week we’re talking about 5th November. Do you know about Guy Fawkes Day? Do you have any memories of good firework displays (5th of November related or otherwise)? Do you like fireworks?
In relation to media, have you seen any films with great firework displays or books that describe a display well or any that relate to Guy Fawkes Day?

Somehow – and I’m really not certain how – Firework Night has managed to become one of my favourite holidays – or well, days, really – of the year. I am still certain to roll my eyes at the spectacle and to mock everyone who oohs and aahs, and sometimes the bangs creep into my core and creep me out but overall, somehow, this day is one that I find myself looking forward to and often feel a little disheartened when I don’t go to any firework shows.

Fortunately, this year, I actually have plans to go to two shows, one on Saturday and one on the Monday. I will watch the fireworks with happiness – and hopefully get to enjoy some of the fairground rides and naughty – but extremely yummy – food that all comes along with it. It will be interesting, as well, to compare the two shows to each other and decide which one I actually prefer.


But, needless to say, you may have noticed that fireworks, and firework night, hasn’t always been such a treasured day in my life. I have, unfortunately, had some rather unsettling experiences when it comes to fireworks. On one occasion, while viewing fireworks at a family friends’ house, one of the rockets ended up shooting towards the audience instead of going high into the sky and nearly caused some very bad burns. From that experience, I found myself hiding inside the house whenever someone did fireworks at home but I soon found that even this wasn’t the greatest escape when at a friends house the firework shot straight into the open back door and then entered the kitchen I stood in. There were scorch marks on the floor as proof of the attack. On a third attempt during a Guides fireworks display, one of the fireworks went off course and landed in the woods and made me fear a forest fire may start – but of course it didn’t because I was silly for thinking it.

So, how could I still like fireworks when all these -almost bad situations- have occurred around me? Simple. I refuse to enjoy home fireworks. I do not trust the fireworks that are bought in supermarkets and I don’t know that I will ever be able to enjoy them in the same way again. However, there have been some absolutely amazing shows I have seen which have been held by true professionals who supposedly know exactly what they’re doing and most of the time you are so far away from the fireworks they could never harm you in the first place. At these shows I am able to simply marvel in the pretty patterns and colours that fill up the sky as they’re lit.

Possibly my favourite firework display ever was the one I saw in Epcot, Florida. If there is one thing that American’s know how to do, it is to create a magnificent firework display. With the right music and smashing lights illuminating the world, it is impossible not to enjoy the spectacle. Aside from that, there was another show I went to for firework night, many years ago, that had the fireworks set to the theme tune of Star Wars. Now, while I don’t particularly like the show, the creativity of the show blew me away and definitely made it become a memorable one for me!

What about you? Do you have any memorable firework displays that you’ve been to?

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  • Clover

    The last few years, we’ve taken our boys to see the fireworks display at Legoland, and we’ve all enjoyed those.

    My favourite fireworks though, are from when I was in America. My family watched a major league baseball game once and they had fireworks after the game which was amazing.

    But my all-time favourite has to be the night N proposed. We were at Disneyland and when the fireworks were going, N and I were standing in front of the big purple castle and he got down on one knee holding this light-up rose he’d picked up somewhere.

    Oh, I do love fireworks. (I said yes.)

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      I didn’t even know they did fireworks at Legoland! That’s so cool :D

      I think American’s really do just know how to do amazing displays! But the ones in London on New Years Eve are usually quite spectacular too!

      Awwwh, that is such an amazing way to propose! Soo sweet. :D <3

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