Ready, Set, Review-a-thon Goals!


If there is one thing that I have noticed dramatically since, oh, April, it is that I am incredibly slow at writing reviews. Most of the time I know that I am ready to write a review as soon as I’ve finished the book but a lot of the time, I’m not in a position to do so. So it gets put aside for a while, and then I read another book, and another, and another… until I find myself in the position I am in now, with a very large towering pile of reviews to write and no motivation to write them.

Just to give you some indication of numbers, I currently have 12 review book reviews that need writing and 17 other books to review (these include ones I own and library books).

Needless to say, I probably won’t get around to writing 29 reviews this month, but I do hope to at least dwindle that number down by quite a bit. Mostly I’m going to try to slow down my reading in order to keep the reviews under control and then once I’m at a steadier place, only read a new book when I’ve written say two reviews, or something like that!

So, my goals for this review-a-thon is to try to write 16 reviews. If I can write more, that would be bloomin’ marvellous, but I want to try and write at least 16.

Wish me luck?

I’ll be using this post throughout the month to list the reviews that I have written and on what days I managed to accomplish them. I will probably start with all of my review-book reviews first.
I also have some books for tours that I need to review so I know I will have some more reviews to write throughout November but these will all be included.

What are your goals?


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