Ready, Set, Review-A-Thon! (Launch Party!)


Hey Guys!
Guess what? It’s November! And that means that the month long review-a-thon, co-hosted between Danie and I has begun!

This is a simple introductory post for you all, which will hopefully sort out any questions that you may have but if you still have any to ask, feel free to e-mail us or tweet us!

First things first, it’s time to set us some goals! How many reviews would you like to write this month? How many do you need to write?
Simply write a post stating how many reviews you hope to write throughout the month and then you can continue to edit the post as and when you actually write the reviews.
Use the linky list below to share your goals with everyone.
(mine will appear later on today)

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for, I’m sure, but the details of this are still being discussed so I can’t actually release any details yet but I am certain there will be awesome prizes to be won!
When more info is sorted, I will be sure to tell you all about it.

Twitter Chats
Dates for these are still, TBD, but if you have any preferred dates/times, we’d love to hear it! Are weekends or weekdays better for you? Morning, Afternoon, Evening? We can’t promise to accommodate everyone but we will try!
Feel free to e-mail or comment below to let us know your thoughts.

Writing Updates
Every week, Danie and I, will post an update post with how many reviews we have written each week and on each post, a linky list will be provided for you to link up to your update posts too – you’re more than welcome to use the same post throughout the month.
This will be a chance for us to continue to encourage each other and keep charging at our reviews.

Throughout the month, don’t forget to keep an eye on the twitter hashtag ‘#RSReviewathon

Everything Else
As already posted, there will be posts to help with review-writing, such as tips, motivation, creativity and the like, so keep an eye out for these. They’ll all be advertised on the hashtag.
There will also be awards made and given to certain participants for different things but we’re still deciding what these could be. Ideas include, most reviews written, most creative review, etc. Keep an eye out for more info on this too.

So basically, keep an eye out for a lot of things. We apologise for this but we’ve both had very busy October’s and having the time to communicate to organise this has been extremely difficult (especially when you add in the time differences!), but we will have the details ironed out asap!

For now, get your review goal posts written and link them up below!


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