#Bloggiesta To-Do List

Oh, hello there!!!
I know, I know, I’m an entire day late in posting this, BUT, I had such a hectic day yesterday because I drove home and got stuck in 3 hours of traffic :( A journey that should have taken four hours, took seven hours and when I got home, I was just too exhausted to even turn the laptop on, let alone post here. But, you know what they say, better late than never!
So, a while a go I said I would be participating in this awesome Bloggiesta and today I am going to be showing you the to-do list that I plan to get done this weekend! I’m happy because I handed in my essay on Thursday and while I still have university work to do, it’s not due for five weeks so I can spare the weekend to focus mainly on my blog! I will be spending a fair bit of time with my mum too as I haven’t seen her in a while and I miss her and she’ll be at work on monday so you know, gotta spend the time I have with her! (we’re gonna watch Harry Potter tonight ;D)
I’m rambling. Sorry. 

Here’s the List 

  • Catch up on all my reviews.  Carnage (2012), The Descendants (2012), Drive (2012), The Hunger Games (2012), Contraband (2012), Cinder, Unearthly, Blood Awakening and Burden of Blood.
  • Update/Create a Book Review Policy
  • Sort out the tags on all my posts
  • Update my Reviews Page
  • Update my ‘About Me’ and ‘Contact Me’ Page
  • Create a button
  • Sort out my sidebars (get rid of out-of-date things, add button, other pages’ buttons,etc)
  • Introduce my new Blogger Spotlighter!
  • Schedule posts (Interviews, guest posts, etc) that I have for the month of April
  • Meet new Bloggers
  • Comment on New Blogs
  • Make a ‘Bookmark’ folder for my favourite blogs (forgetting URLs is a common occurance with me.)
  • Create and Use new Social Media Buttons
  • Use Pinterest for my Blog
  • Learn more about WLW
     So, there we have it!
    I will cross them out as I do them. And hopefully by Sunday at Midnight, everything will be crossed off the list!! *fingers crossed*

    I’ll probably be tweeting like crazy too! You can find me there by clicking the ‘T’ button on the sidebar up on the right! Or I’ll be using the hashtag #Bloggiesta

    Wish me Luck!

    I participated in the Mr Linky Challenge! And am putting a linky here for you all to add your ‘to-do’ lists! I want to visit and comment on them (:

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