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Hey Guys!
Today I am here to write you all a guest post! I struggled to think of what I could write about around all of these fabulous guest posts that I’ve been sharing with you all and have decided that I would just tell you all about my blogging experience. I may end up repeating myself from other posts on the blog and for that I apologise but that just shows how true my feelings actually are. Hope you enjoy.

My Blogging Journey

Something you may not know about me is that before I started this blog, I had tried my hand at blogging about ten times before and it just never stuck. I would usually post for maybe a month and then get bored, or forget about it due to being busy and it would just be left to sit and “collect dust”. There was, however, one blog that I kept for two years, and that was my personal Tumblr. It took up a lot of my time but only because I was scrolling through everyone else’s posts. But while I loved Tumblr, the majority of my posts were just reblogs of pictures so it was never too personal and it certainly didn’t require a lot of work behind it to keep it running – not that everyone tumblrs this way!

So when I decided to start this blog, I actually didn’t think I would last much more than a month. But then something magical happened. I reached 100 followers and I felt a sense of purpose for my blog. I liked that people were reading what I was saying and I enjoyed when people commented on my posts. It suddenly occured to me that I didn’t want to just forget about this blog or give up on it like I had all the others. For, without me even realising what was happening, I was pulled into the book blogging community and once I had seen how utterly amazing and fantastic it was, I was very certain that I didn’t ever want to leave. Everyone in the community is so welcoming and friendly and before long I felt truly happy belonging to that community.

When I reached just six months, I was overwhelmed with myself. It was a milestone I had never thought I would get to and yet, that is exactly what I did. I knew that I never would have gotten that far if it hadn’t been for the support of my followers on the blog. Knowing that people out there are waiting on your posts and are reading your posts is the best feeling in the world. Then when I reached a year, I suddenly realised that it wasn’t just the people who followed my blog that I appreciated, but it was the community as a whole. Being able to talk to others about books is something I’ve never done in this capacity before and it is something that I am certainly not going to be letting go of very easily. Even if people no longer read my posts, if they no longer comment on them, I know that I wouldn’t stop blogging because I enjoy the community and, more than anything, I have learnt to truly enjoy blogging on here as well.

Yes, the community has had its share of drama. Yes, I have had times where I haven’t wanted to post. But despite all of this, I love belonging to the community and I love writing posts for this blog and coming up with ideas and just helping to publicise books for authors, who are always so thankful for it all.

I think, what I always need to remind myself, is that I belong to something special. This community may have exited for years but when I was a child, the possibility of this community existing wasn’t there. Internet was just being created, we used dial-up not broadband and having personal computers was absolutely unheard of. In a world like that, it is clear to see why a blogging community would never have existed. But now that we’ve moved on, I can’t help but be thankful for the internet. While there are so many negatives to the internet, some I’ve been a part of first hand, I honestly believe that the positives and the goodness on the internet overpower them completely. And so I am incredibly thankful for the internet, social media, and blogging in general. My life would definitely be very different without it.

What do you think? Is the internet amazing? Do you enjoy the community, if you’re a part of it? Tell me all!




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