Blogoversary; Scavenger Hunt Announcement

scavenger hunt

Hey Guys!
So today is the first day of my blogoversary festivities and I thought that I would kick off by announcing the scavenger hunt that will be running throughout the two weeks.
I’m sure you all know how a scavenger hunt works but in case you don’t, a scavenger hunt is where you get a clue and then have to go and work out what that clue leads you to.
For this scavenger hunt, all of the clues you will be given are at the bottom of all the posts going up in the next two weeks and they will all lead you to somewhere else on this blog where a small part of an image has been hidden.
Collect all the images, put them together and work out what they are. Add them to the rafflecopter below and be entered into the giveaway!

what the images will look like

All the images will look very similar to this;
* NOTE * this is not an image in the scavenger hunt * NOTE *

what the images will be

There are three different images to find.
The images are all book covers

BUT. Be careful because some pieces don’t belong…

what the clues will be like

Most of the clues will lead to a keyword that you can search using my search bar in the sidebar.
The others will lead you to my pages.
Some clues will be obvious, some will be more intricate.
All clues will be at the bottom of the post in a clear easy way to see.

where will the pieces be

The pieces have been hidden all over the blog but ONLY on the blog.
Some may be in reviews.
Some may be in articles.
Some may be truly hidden.
It is up to YOU to find them all.

when the scavenger hunt ends

On the day after all of my blogoversary festivities end, I will be announcing what images were hidden.
At this point, the rafflecopter will end.
You have until the 30th September to find all the pieces and guess what they make.

the giveaway

As an incentive to participate in this scavenger hunt, there will be three winners!
The winners will be chosen using the rafflecopter application.
The winners will win a prize of their choice from a large list of prizes to be announced in the wrap up of the blogoversary but will include titles such as;
Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black
Losing It by Cora Carmack
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Ferryman by Claire McFall
and many, many more.

giveaway guidelines

Only participants of the scavenger hunt can enter – and the guess must be right to win!
Open to ALL.
Winners will be e-mailed.
Winners will have 72 hours to respond before another winner will be chosen.
Participants must be thirteen or over or have parental consent.
No purchase necessary.
I reserve the right to change or cancel this giveaway at any time.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

the clues

For this very first post, you’re being given three clues.
Good Luck!





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