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Blogspiration #19; Brains Are Amazing

Blogspiration is a weekly meme hosted by GrowingUp YA & Saz101. This meme was created to help spark inspiration among bloggers, readers and writers alike. An inspirational quote/picture/video is posted weekly, on the day of the authors choosing, so that it may inspire creativity, conversation & just a little SOMETHING.

This week I have seen so many little bits of inspiration about that choosing one, as usual, was really difficult but I have finally decided on one that I actually found a week ago. It’s a quote from Starters by Lissa Price. I love it and I hope that you do too!

blogspiration callie

I read this quote and instantly had to grab a piece of paper to note down the page – which is 39, if anyone wants to know – because I just loved it so much. It’s not something I’ve really thought about before and yet it is so true. Our brains are unique to us. But we would never complain about what it looks like because we don’t physically see it.

We complain about other things to do with the brain, but that would be a completely new topic altogether.

Where I’m going with this is how amazing our brains are and how we should cherish the brain that we were born with. It looks the same now as it did when we were born; except maybe it’s bigger because we’ve gotten bigger but I’m no scientist so what do I know? But it functions in exactly the same way. And how great is that? Our brain controls everything we do.

Need to pee? That’s your brain telling you. Hungry? Your brain is allowing you to understand that. Reading? Writing? Listening? Your brain is in control of it all. It is the one part of your entire body that you should never worry about because even if you’re not as smart as the person near you, if you don’t retain information as well as the next person, your brain is all yours. It works. And it is a complete and utter inspiration, isn’t it?

This post seems to have rambled a lot, but I hope that what you take from this is that the brain is a magnificent work of art that you should never take for granted.

It is inspiring.



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