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Fresh Start September – Guest Post by Brodie of Eleusinian Mysteries


Hey Guys!
Today on Fresh Start September we have the wonderful Brodie of Eleusinian Mysteries. She has written a brilliant guest post for all of you about what she does and doesn’t like about covers. What appeals to her and makes her eventually pick up a book from the shelves.
Hope you enjoy it!

I admit it: I DO judge a book by it’s cover. I screw my nose up at unprofessional covers with poor photography, text, colouring, etc. If I’m casually browsing shelves online or offline, the books I’ll click on or pick up are those with a cover that is well put together. There’s likely hundreds of amazing books I’ve missed out on because the cover has never interested me enough to check it out. Which is unfair to debut authors, because if I love a seasoned author, but hate their newest books cover, I’ll still be running to my nearest bookstore because of their name alone (why hello there, The Casual Vacancy…). Most debut authors sadly don’t have the name benefit.

So, what do I look for in a debut cover?

Professional photography is a must; it’s more than just sticking a girl with a pretty dress on a cover. You could have the prettiest dress ever, but an awful quality shot will ruin the whole thing for me. When a designer can pull all elements of a cover together and make it look EFFORTLESS, so that my attention is not drawn to each aspect that went into building it, then ding ding ding, I’ve found a winner!

Some of my favourites? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED.

Yes, the pretty dress trend. But it’s not the dress that make these breed of covers for me. It’s the glass ball the girl is trapped in, the gorgeous garden with a sinister edge to it, and the smokey tendrils that are drawing the girl back… somewhere.

FIERCE GIRLS. Each with a weapon, each looking confident, capable and sexy. The badassery of these type of covers appeal to me the most; they promise a strong heroine on an epic journey, and that’s my favourite flavour of story.

Covers that are a little bit unique definitely stand out to me more. Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres is an excellent example (okay, not a debut, but the type of cover I’d want in a debut). It promises a dark, gothic, different world and like nothing we’ve read before. I love how with Mila 2.0, you’re not entirely sure if she’s coming apart or being put together. It makes me desperate to learn more about her.

COLOURS. That doesn’t mean splash every colour of the rainbow on a cover. The Nightmare Affair is just purple, black and white, but the use of colour is what makes it so special. And of course, the gorgeous silhouettes and illustrations. I love the vibe each of these give and they’re just so darn PRETTY.

I love covers that tell me something. The fiery symbol on Divergent obviously has significant meaning to the two people overlooking the city and it makes me want to learn WHAT it is. Forgotten is compelling in a less bold way; why is the girl laying alone (forgotten?) in a field of poppies? And Under the Never Sky teases the aether sky with the heroine trekking… well, under it. I love it!


Those are just a few debut covers that I’ve loved, that have made me want to pick up the book regardless of what it’s about. Surveying them all together, I do notice I have a tendency to pick those with models on the cover… maybe I just feel bonded with my fellow humans? Or I like to have an image or the protagonist before venturing into a story? Sure, the hair colour might not always be right, or their dress sense, but many times the posture, the confidence, the fierce or broody gaze give give an idea for the tone of the story. So, the most important thing? THEY LOOK PROFESSIONAL! Well put together will almost certainly have me intrigued enough to flip it over and read the summary!

So there we have it! What a lovely post! What about you? How do you decide which books to read? Are there any covers that you love?
I want to take this moment to thank Brodie for writing this guest post for me and for allowing me to host her for this event!
Don’t forget you can actually vote for your FAVOURITE covers out of the books we’re showcasing in this event by clicking here.

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  • Brodie

    FAYEZER! *glomps*

    Thank you very kindly for allowing me to take up space on your oh so FABULOUS blog. AND OMG YOU GAVE ME MY OWN LABEL. I SEE IT. RIGHT THERE. AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST. “BRODIE”

    For some reason, this makes me insanely EXCITED. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME. YOU ARE AMAZING.

  • Rebecca

    This post is AMAZING. Brodie is AMAZING. So much AMAZINGNESS, I think the page is about to explode. BOOM!

    Cover love! I judge covers to a certain extent. I might be attracted to it but after that, the blurb and premise HAVE to sell me. And these covers Brodie has featured? SA-WOONY.

  • Nikki

    This is a wonderful post. I guess I hadn’t really thought about what particular details on a cover draw me in. I think I tend to go for the more sinister looking covers or the ones that are really simple (basic type-face and/or symbols). The covers might cause me to pick up a book in the but I won’t actually take a book home unless the premise hooks me. Such a great topic to think about though! Great job ladies!

  • Sarah (saz101)

    Seriously, you’ve NAILED it with the pretty dress. I’m all for pretty dresses but it has to be perfect. But when it IS perfect? It is SOOOO perfect.

    And… seriously, you’re making me drool all over Fayzer’s blog. That’s why thre are splatters in the BG :P

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