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Book Review; A Bite’s Tale by Veronica Blade

bites tale

Author: Veronica Blade
Publisher: Crush Publishing Ink
Published: January 7th 2012
Pages: 155
Format: E-Book
Source:: Complimentary Copy from Author
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A Cinderella who spends her nights as a wolf. A prince with a taste for blood.

Seventeen year old Cydney struggles against her werewolf nature, trying to keep everyone around her safe. No way will she risk exposing the beast at the prince’s ball, no matter how her two cousins try to persuade her. Even as she attempts to get on with her life, Cydney can’t forget the boy she loved three summers ago — or what she did to him after losing control.

Turned into a vampire to save his life, the prince refuses to live up to his royal duties. He just wants to find the girl he loved and lost…the werewolf girl who bit him. But his father, the king, commands him to attend a ball where he must choose a wife. Can he find his Cinderella before he’s forced to marry another? He doesn’t even have her real name, much less a glass slipper.

A Duo Meet

I’ve always been wary of short stories. I’m not entirely certain why, probably because I have always struggled to write them myself and because I love being able to really get to know the characters go on long quests. But since starting this blog, I’ve been more open and accepting towards short stories and have found that they do have the potential to be a lot better than I used to think. Thus, when I saw A Bite’s Tale, I was wary of it but ready to take on this new style of reading. Fortunately, I was glad that I took a chance with this book as I really enjoyed it and am definitely looking forward to reading more that this author has to offer.

Stars Align

For a short novella-length story, there were some really grand characters that I found myself really liking. I loved the tension between the characters, and how guarded Cydney is of herself and her loved ones. I love how conflicted she was within herself and how she had so much to learn. She was a strong, stubborn character who was trying to live in a world when she didn’t feel natural enough. There was a lot going on with her and it really shined through but it also meant that she wasn’t willing to just let things happen around her. I loved the way it all came together at the end and how well her character grew and became better. It is clear that she still has a long way to go but that she is a least making her way there now.

Fate Has Shifted

With the preconceptions of the Cinderella story, this novella is actually a really interesting adaptation. Even with knowing what will eventually happen, this book is still full of enjoyment and entertainment. The world it is set in is vivid and intriguing and really manages to pull the reader in. I was curious about all of the different supernatural bodies on the island and wanted to know how they all managed to live so close together. I also really enjoyed the interesting history between Cinderella and the Prince, feeling that it added something unique to the old classic story. And the way this book ended was really enjoyable and not forseen at all. It leaves the reader with a shock and the promise that there is more to come. It is a well-written, captivating story.

It Is Alive

All in all this is a story that is really interesting, fun, enjoyable and unique. I love supernatural stories and this one combines one of my fairytales with creatures that are not supposed to exist making it a perfect read for me. The story is unique and creative and really brings the fairytale alive for the reader. It is a book that has a lot to say in a small amount of space and yet manages to awaken the story completely. It is a book that I would easily re-read and one that I would recommend to anyone who wants to read a good and inspiring adaptation of Cinderella. It is a nice, easy read with which to lose yourself in.

Four Stars

** I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **



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