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Thursday’s Special Spotlight; The Truth About Forever

Special Spotlight

Thursday’s Special Spotlight is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts. It is inspired by her library’s “Book of the Week” and Stepping out of the Page’s From the Review Pile. It also stems from how far behind I am on writing reviews and how guilty I often feel about it!

The idea of this feature is to spotlight books that I read e-ons ago that I absolutely loved and I feel deserve the spotlight on this blog! They will be accompanied with reasons as to why I loved them and why I think you should read them.

Today’s pick is The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

the truth about forever

I read this book a very long time ago, near the beginning of 2012 and it is one that I truly enjoyed. It was my first ever Sarah Dessen book and it instantly made me a fan of her work. I love the way she writes, giving the reader all the information that they need in such an intangible way. You’re able to get a full picture of all of the characters in the story making it so easy to feel connected to them; to fall in love with them. Sarah also is brilliant at writing about really important, deep issues, and showing readers that even when we feel like the world is collapsing around us, sometimes friendship and a new outlook on life can save us.

The Truth About Forever is the kind of contemporary book that I truly adore. It is fun, light-hearted, and enjoyable, while at the same time it is also deeper, influential, and inspirational. While there is a love story in this book, it isn’t the main focus of it. This isn’t a book that says a relationship will make everything better, it tells you that friendship does that. It insists readers to open their eyes to everything around them and to really look closer at their lives and I truly love that.

Why Should You Read The Truth About Forever?
If you like books that bring a smile to your face while your reading, that tug you every which way emotionally, and leaves you feeling whole and happy at the end, then this is definitely a book you want to pick up. It may not be Sarah Dessen’s best book (I’ve only read one more of hers), but it is a grand read that will take you out of your seat and into a new inspiring world. If you love authors like Hannah Harrington, Malorie Blackman, or Cecelia Ahern, then you’re most likely going to enjoy Sarah Dessen and The Truth About Forever as well.

But don’t just take my word for it! Here’s some actual reviews of this amazing book by other bloggers;
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If you haven’t read this book yet, I really think you should!



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