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Book Review; Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

Radio SilenceTitle: Radio Silence
Author: Alice Oseman
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: 25th February 2016
Pages: 410
Format: Paperback
Source:: Netgalley Copy
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What if everything you set yourself up to be was wrong?

Frances has always been a study machine with one goal, elite university. Nothing will stand in her way; not friends, not a guilty secret – not even the person she is on the inside.

But when Frances meets Aled, the shy genius behind her favourite podcast, she discovers a new freedom. He unlocks the door to Real Frances and for the first time she experiences true friendship, unafraid to be herself. Then the podcast goes viral and the fragile trust between them is broken.

Caught between who she was and who she longs to be, Frances’ dreams come crashing down. Suffocating with guilt, she knows that she has to confront her past…
She has to confess why Carys disappeared…

Meanwhile at uni, Aled is alone, fighting even darker secrets.

It’s only by facing up to your fears that you can overcome them. And it’s only by being your true self that you can find happiness.

Frances is going to need every bit of courage she has.

What If

Having read and enjoyed Solitaire by Alice Oseman, I was looking forward to reading her next book, Radio Silence. I didn’t really know what to expect but I certainly did not expect that it would be a bok that would stay with me long after I’d finished reading it. But that is what has happened. Weeks after finishing it, I am still gushing over it, still talking about it at every opportunity. For me, this book was incredible. It touched upon so many subjects, which has the potential to ruin a book but instead Alice just made it work. I have fallen head over heels for this book.

You Had

As mentioned above, this book touches on a lot of subjects and manages to do this because of the very intricate and interesting plot. Alice has created a story that twists and turns throughout. It is a book that will keep you hooked as you follow the journey of the characters. As though that isn’t enough, this book also has a character-driven plot, which I absolutely love in books. I very much enjoyed watching how not just the main protagonist but all the characters in this book went on a journey. Also, I love that their was a platonic relationship at the centre of it all!

Everything Completely

Alice Oseman has created some wonderfully vibrant and rich characters in this book. I loved each and every one of them, which doesnt happen very often. Also I really loved that the main protagonists mum was also involved in the plot in a positive way as well! I think that my favourite character was Aled. He went, in my opinion, on the biggest journey and I just thought that he was such an interesting and fascinating character. He was creative, smart, strong, sensitive, loyal and caring and I just thought he was brilliant. He made this book so wonderful.

And Utterly Wrong

In case it is not yet obvious, I just want to document that I absolutely loved this book. It’s taken me a while to write this review as all I wanted to do was scream, “READ IT. READ IT NOW.”, which didn’t really seem appropiate. There is also still so much about this book that I want to tell you about but I also don’t want to spoil it for you. So I just want to end this review by saying that Radio Silence is a marvellous book that is the perfect YA read as it encapsulates so many things about being a teen. It is a truly remarkable book that should not be missed. Read it. Read it now.

five stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **



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