February Monthly Wrap-Up


So I ummed and ahhed about whether or not to start doing monthly wrap-ups on the blog but have eventually decided that in an effort to keep my blog more organised, to keep on top of challenges and to do a nice re-cap of the month for you all, that I would do them :-). Therefore, this post will be set out like my weekly highlights post, split into headings in an attempt to keep everything organised easily :D

Monthly Highlights

This has been an incredibly busy and hectic month for me. I ended up working some 6-day weeks and then filling my social calendar on the 7th day of the week meaning I had little time to read and blog. Then to make matters worse I got ill and had no inspiration and then I just over-worked myself to the point I came home and just went straight to bed. I’m hoping that this upcoming month will be a little less hectic for me! (Or that I learn to deal!)

Throughout the month I was participating in Review Copy Cleanup! Unfortunately, I didn’t quite manage to reach my target of six books. Instead I read;

  • Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black
  • Outside by Shalini Boland
  • The Clearing by Shalini Boland
  • Shift by Kim Curran

I did also start Ferryman by Claire McFall but I am still in the middle of it! Maybe next time though, eh?

February was my second month of hosting the 2013 Genre Variety Challenge and this month you guys read and reviewed (and linked) a total of 69 books! I have to say, I’m pretty impressed! Hope you’re all enjoying it! To link up your March reviews, Click Here

My top three favourite posts I wrote this month were;
Top Ten Bookish Memories
Croak by Gina Damico
Mini Bloggiesta; Mini-Challenge – Marketing Your Blog

This month I read a sum total of seven books which means I am behind for my goal of 120 books in a year!

Favourite Book

My Favourite Read this month was The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. This is a book that has had a lot of hype surrounding it so I was cautious of it but it lived up to every expectation and surpassed many. It is impossible to read this book and not be crying by the very last page. I was well and truly moved by this book and am struggling to put my thoughts in order for a review.

Blogger Spotlight

This months spotlight was Michelle from Fluttering Butterflies and it was a pleasure to be able to highlight her!


Guest Post – Michelle Talks British Authors

My new Blogger Spotlight was announced earlier today!

2013 Challenges

A-Z Book Challenge; I read the letters, S, D, O, and C.
British Books Challenge; I read three books; The Clearing by Shalini Boland, Outside by Shalini Boland, and Shift by Kim Curran
Mystery/Crime Challenge; I read one book; Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black
TBR Pile Challenge; I read three books; Shift, Dance of Shadows, and Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares
Witches/Witchcraft Challenge; I read no books towards this challenge
Genre Variety Challenge; I read Dystopian and Mystery.

That concludes my month! It wasn’t a great one so I hope that March is better!



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