Finish It Feb: Update #2


Update #2

Guys! Guess what! I had a GOOD reading week! I’m actually kinda super impressed with myself. I’m hoping it won’t all go downhill this coming week so cross your fingers for me?

So this week I finished two books! (I also read (and finished) a novella and a graphic novel but these don’t count towards this challenge, I’m just very happy with myself! haha)

I read:

How To Fall In Love Never Always Sometimes

I really loved both of these books. How To Fall In Love I definitely loved the most. I wept. I laughed. I wept some more. And then I rejoiced. It was just perfect – as all Cecelia Ahern‘s books are!
I also enjoyed Never Always Sometimes. There was a part of it where I felt irritated and nearly put it down and it just irked me so much but I persevered and I am SO GLAD that I did because it all ended how I wanted it to and made me smile very wide!
Would highly recommend both of these books!

Next up on the reading list is…


I’m still in a bit of a contemp mood but I’m hoping this will pull me straight into fantasy again! This also gets me two points, one for finishing the half-read book and one for completing the series! Wooo!

How are you getting on with #FinishItFeb?


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