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Weekly Highlights; 14/02/16

weekly highlights
Weekly Highlights is a feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts where I highlight some of the blog posts I’ve found throughout the week!

Lifestyle Posts

I only just stumbled across Rebecca’s blog this week but I love it. This week she wrote this post about her nan which I thought was really lovely and think you should definitely give it a read.

In this post, Kat talks about 6 things that don’t make you a bad feminist. I thought it was a fantastic post!

Petra has shared with us this post with some of the songs she listens to to help her de-stress!

I found this post to be a very insightful, very much needed blog post about skinny-shaming. Can we just stop body shaming altogether please?

Fitness Posts

I found this post by Mike this week and thought it was a great read. I’m now intrigued to know how everyone got into running! Mine is definitely an intriguing tale – *adds to blog writing list*

Katherine has written a great post this week about how she’s only human, and it’s a great reminder to us all. We can only do as much as our body allows and that we should always listen to our bodies. You can read it here.

It can be so easy to fall off the horse and this week Gareth has reflected on this with a great post about trying to get back into running. Catch the post here.

In this post, Hannah talks about five of the things that she’s learnt from running. It’s a great post.

And finally, Lucy has written this post about why she loves sportives!

Blogging Posts

This week Sophie has written a post about what she hates about blogging. A very interesting post. I definitely think as the blogger, you should just do what you feel comfortable doing. You can find the post here

Joe has written a post about 20 things that happen to every blogger, I can certainly relate to a lot of them. Read the post here.

Book Posts

Jess wrote a post that I completely agree with. Where are the YA books without romantic interests? Read her thoughts on the topic in this post.

Alongside this topic, Jim has written a Top Ten Tuesday for Teens on Moon Lane on non-romantic relationships. Check that our here.

And, further on to that, Holly Bourne wrote a post for the Guardian about spending valentines day with friends. I thought it was a really great post and can be read here.

This week Caitlin has two great posts. The first is this one which is about which books to read if you loved Buffy and miss it. The second is about not feeling guilty about not reading, which I needed to hear, to be fair. You can read that post here.

This week the Scottish Book Trust posted this post about letting young children choose the books they want to read. I agree completely.

Another post from Teens on Moon Lane that I liked this week was this one. In it Elen Caldecott has told us her top ten twins in books!

This post from Jess is definitely worth a read. A great review of a book that I am now dying to read.

Jim has also written this great post with advice for authors on getting involved with the book community!

Have you seen or written a post that you should be reading? Comment below!


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