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Finish It February Sign Up!


Caroline at Big Book Little Book and I decided (very late notice) to host Finish It February. A month-long event in which we will read as many unfinished books and series that we can.

This idea came to us when I did my vlog on unfinished reads and when Caroline realised that Into the Still Blue had been published and she still hadn’t read the second book in the trilogy. Thus we decided to throw caution to the wind and to throw our review piles out of the metaphorical window and spend February focussed on reading all those neglected novels.

When Caroline tweeted about catching up on all my unfinished series, she had a good response from other bloggers. Thus we decided to create #finishitfeb. This blog event will allow other bloggers and readers to join us and so that we can all support each other in this endeavour.

To sign up for this fun-filled event, all you need to do is add your link to the linky post below. If you wish to write a sign-up post, we would be incredibly grateful but it is not mandatory to join the event.

Throughout the event Caroline and I will be posting weekly updates to let you all know how we are doing with this challenge and add a linky to our posts so that you can all link to your own updates as well.

Lastly, if you need any help remembering what happened in the last few books in the series, we recommend you have a look at Recaptains, an incredible blog that sums up what happens in the previous books in a large proportion of series.

Aside from all of that, let’s have some fun!

My Goals

As we all already know, I have too many books that I am in the middle of, but I also have too many series to finish as well. But February is quite a small month and I do have a few books I need to read this month already. Thus I am going to try and finish one series completely, catch up with one series and finish reading two books. If I do more than that, waheey!

The books and series I have to choose from are;

Days of Blood and Starlight Scent of Magic Scarlet Meyer Dead Girls' Dance

the knife of never letting go The Lost Journals of Benjamin Tooth Star Cursed Unhinged

world after Teardrop Dare you to Falling Fast

So you know… just a small selection…



  • Caitlin

    OMG This is SUCH a good idea! I wish I had more of my books here in London cause then I would totally join in. I’m gonna have a scout when I get back/on my kindle and see what I have that I could ‘finish; Also, Maria V. Snyder series, SO GOOD

    Cait x

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