Finish It February; Wrap Up!


No… seriously…

How is it the LAST day of February already? WHERE DID THE MONTH GO?

Anyway! Welcome to my wrap up of Finish It Feb!

Now in the first week I completed all of my goals;
Finish one series completely
Catch up with one series
Finish two unfinished books

and so I set myself some new ones;

New Goals
– Catch up with two more series
– Finish three unfinished reads
– Finish another series

Then I realised I wouldn’t have time so I altered them again;

Final Goals
– Catch up with one more series
– Finish one more unfinished read

And guess what? I DID IT. Woooo!

This week I read;

Independent Study

Which caught me up with this series! And I am super excited for the final book!

Falling Fast

Which was an unfinished read! (It was also the first book in a new series but shhhh!)

End Result

So, in the end I read five books for this challenge.
I finished four unfinished books.
I finished one series.
I caught up with three series.


I would say that I am incredibly proud of this. It feels like it has been a very successful month!

How has your Finish It February month been?


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