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Garage Band by Adam Alexander

Garage Band by Adam Alexander

Hi All!
Today is my stop on the Garage Band blog tour and I’m here today to tell you all about this book!

About the Book

After helping to build the Eastland Insurance company for 17 years, Lanthus Trilby is retrenched without warning, to make way for “younger, brighter” minds. Angry and betrayed, the passive actuary wants to let his boss feel his rage. His initial plans of keying his boss’ car escalate beyond merely blowing it up. Lanthus is going to take down the entire company. But his plan needs a team with special skills.

The hacker, the daredevil, the explosives expert and the acrobatic pair join Lanthus to pull off the most daring caper the world has ever seen to bring Eastland Insurance to its knees.

But as soon as than the plan begins, trouble sets in. The police are closing in, and someone else wants a piece of the action. Can Lanthus keep it together long enough to pull off his master plan?

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Lanthus decided he’d treat himself to a late start. He had been following the same routine for seventeen years. Every morning, he would wake at 6:30am, go through to the bathroom in his pyjamas, brush his teeth and do whatever needed to be done while he was in there, put on a pair of grey flannel pants and a white shirt and be downstairs for breakfast by 6:45am. He usually ate the same breakfast every day. A bowl of muesli with three teaspoons of plain yoghurt and a cup of filter coffee. He would be ready to kiss the family goodbye just before 7:00am so he could catch the morning news on the radio as he climbed into his car. But today, he decided to give himself a morning in bed.
“Aren’t you getting up?” Felicity asked, puzzled, as she woke to her alarm. The ring tone she’d chosen was a kind of trance Zen tune with gongs and the sound of birds chirping. It was the sort of background noise you’d hear in a massage parlour for hours on end, the kind that puts you into an instant coma after a relaxing treatment. Yet Felicity had chosen to start her day this way.
“Got a late start today,” Lanthus said sleepily, and rolled over to try and return to his dream of leaping off a building with a pair of feathered wings stuck to his arm. He distinctly remembered the feeling of floating on air.
“But you never have a late start,” Felicity persisted, swinging her legs off the bed. She sat there for a moment, and then the bed rose a few inches as she stood. Lanthus was bewildered briefly. In his half-dreamy state, he hit an air pocket while he was flying.
“I do today,” he mumbled, hoping the noise would stop so he could go back to flying with wings of feathers stuck to his arms.
“That’s odd,” said Felicity loudly from the bathroom, in case Lanthus couldn’t hear her.
“Hmmm,” he mumbled, and tried to make himself continue the dream of flying as he became aware of his heart rate rising, and his heartbeat pounding in his throat.
“Well, I guess you should enjoy the chance while you can get it,” Felicity carried on from the bathroom. Her voice competed with the sound of water on water from the bathroom, and came a close second. Lanthus wondered if she had the hand shower from the bath to shoot jets of water into the toilet bowl, but then the noise stopped and he heard the sound of the toilet flushing. Had she never thought to tilt a few degrees and aim at the porcelain, he wondered. He was usually in the kitchen by this time, and hadn’t heard his wife’s morning routine for a long time.
“Trying to,” Lanthus mumbled into his pillow, turning over so his face was buried in it.
“Trying to what?” Felicity asked, as she plodded noisily to the cupboard like an elephant bounding on a sprung wooden floor.
“To enjoy lying in,” Lanthus spoke into the pillow so that all Felicity could hear was a muffled voice.
“Speak up dear, I can’t hear you.”
Lanthus was about to bellow that he was trying to enjoy sleeping late for once, but the door opened and Margaret breezed in.
“Can I borrow your hair straightener, mom?” she asked heading directly for the dressing table and opening the drawer without waiting for her mother to answer.
“Shhhh,” Felicity said loudly. “Your father’s sleeping.”
“Trying to,” added Lanthus into the pillow.
“Morning dad,” Margaret called over to him.
“Morning,” he groaned into his pillow.
“How come you’re sleeping late?” she asked cheerily.
“Tell you tonight. When I’m not sleeping,” Lanthus said, exacerbated.
“Oh,” Margaret said. “Sorry, dad, did I wake you?”
Lanthus tried to return to sleep with a loud humph.
“Mom, can I borrow your brush,” Thomas sang as he entered the room, thumping the bedroom door loudly against the dressing table. “Dad? Are you still sleeping?” he asked, surprised to see Lanthus still in bed.
“Fuck!” yelled Lanthus.
“Lanthus!” Felicity choked.
“Dad!” Margaret spun around.
“Woah!” Thomas held up his hands in surrender.
Lanthus threw the duvet aside and climbed out of bed.
“Dad!” Margaret yelled in shock, pulling a face of horror and disgust before fleeing the room, leaving the hair straightener clattering on the dressing table. Lanthus looked down, realizing he was naked.
“Way to go dad,” said Thomas settling in front of the mirror.

About the Author

Adam Alexander is a multi-talented writer who has demonstrated his skill across multiple genres. His characters are just real enough to fall in love with, and just dark enough to doubt. His books have begun to gather international acclaim. Garage Band was among only a handful of titles to be nominated as runner up in the Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book of the Year competition, and the same title received a glowing Reader-s Favorite 5-Stars.

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