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Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite: Tips and Tricks to the Game

Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite: Tips and Tricks to the Game

Hi All!

I have a little bit of a different post to share with you all today. In case you didn’t already know, Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite was finally released on Thursday. This is the game that is created by the same company that made Pokemon Go and has a lot of similar characteristics to it.

Thus, it was downloaded as soon as I found out it was available and thus I began to explore this new and exciting game.

Having now reached level nine, I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that I have worked out (mostly through making horrific mistakes) so that you can make sense of the game faster and can avoid making some of the mistakes that I have so far made!

My Tips and Tricks to Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite

Energy is incredibly important
When you first start the game, everything seems confusing and a little overwhelming so I think the first thing to know is that energy is one of the most important things to keep topped up in the game. Without energy you cannot do anything. In comparison, energy in Harry Potter; Wizard’s Unite is similar to pokeballs in Pokemon Go. Without the pokeballs to capture the pokemon, you can’t do anything. And vice versa.

To keep you energy topped up, you need to visit inns. There are many different kinds of inns of varying colours and sizes. As you get closer to the inns, they increase in size and that means you’re near enough to pop inside and grab some energy.

Energy in the inns has different values depending on the dish that you “win” when you spin the plates around.

The highest I have seen – so far – are the roast dinners which give you eight pieces of energy whereas the tea is the lowest, giving you only one piece of energy.

You can also buy energy with any gold coins you collect or buy.

Pro-Tip; Do not enter a fortress and use a runestone if you have little to no energy. Once you enter the fortress, you cannot leave so if you have no energy, you have to forfeit your runestone! (Definitely learnt this one the hard way)

Your Vault Fills Up Fast
When you see items on the floor, it is very easy to want to make sure that you collect everything but this is difficult because the vault where you store these items fills up incredibly fast. This is because you do not always just pick up one item when you find them. Sometimes you’ll pick up to six items in one go.

However, you can manage the items in your vault and remove items that you don’t feel you need. (For example, I had 36 honeywater’s at one point and felt it wasn’t entirely necessary to keep them all) Don’t forget that you are probably going to be able to find the items again at some point so as long as you don’t get rid of everything, you can probably afford to lose a few pieces here and there.

There is also the opportunity to use some of the items by making potions. You can actually have four potions in the queue for the cauldron (and potentially more if you rent out the golden cauldron but I haven’t done this yet) and as soon as a potion is in the queue, the items for it are removed from your vault. (This is also the main reason for collecting items – the potions are created to help you progress in the game).

Lastly, you can also increase your storage by paying with gold coins which you can collect or buy.

Pro-Tip; Do not enter one of your portkeys if you have a full vault. I ended up finding unique items and you can not manage the vault afterwards so I was left with no choice but to use my gold coins to increase my storage. Don’t learn this the hard way!

Use Your Index Finger
When I first started playing, I thought I would be clever and just use my thumb to trace the spells but I quickly learnt that this is actually really hard to do so accurately. It is a little bit annoying but it is definitely easier to hold the phone with one hand and then use the index finger of your dominant hand to trace the spell outline.

Pro-Tip; The faster you move your finger, the better the spell turns out. So even if you are completely off the trace but you do it fast enough, you can still get a good spell out of it. And of course, the better the spell, the more chance you have of being successful!

Fighting in the Fortress
So in Pokemon GoHarry Potter; Wizard’s Unite, you have what are called fortresses. To enter them, you choose your level and then you choose a runestone and then you have to fight two attackers to win the challenge.

When you’re against an attacker, you have to line up the point of your wand to the circle on the opponent. For this, the best thing is to tap where the tip of your wand is. A small circle then appears. Line this up on the circle on your opponent until the green circle fills and then a trace for a spell appears.

And don’t forget to block as well!

Once you’ve successfully attacked your first opponent, do give yourself a healing potion as you’re going to be going straight back in to another opponent so you’re going to need as much health as you can get.

When you go in with a partner, you both need to attack two people – or four opponents in total – before you win the challenge. But you can also give each other stamina and health to help each other out.

Pro-Tip: Keep working on your profession lessons as these will really help you out in the fortress challenges!

Grow some Seeds
Have you started to wonder why you keep picking up water? The reason is to do with the greenhouses. In the greenhouses you are first shown a selection of three plant pots. Once you’ve chosen one you’ll get a handful of items – so long as your vault isn’t full! – and then you can essentially go on your way.

Or you can switch to the new tab (look at the bottom of the screen for the plant symbol). On the new screen, you will either have the chance to contribute to someone else’s seeds or you’ll be able to plant your own. How long a seed takes to grow is above the button that says “grow” – you’ll also need to make sure you have enough water to do it!

Pro-Tip: The greenhouses will have red smoke coming out of them when they’re in the process of growing seeds!

The Passenger Feature
This isn’t a tip or tick so to say but I just wanted to end by saying that there is one very cool thing that they have added to the game. And that is when you’re playing the game in a car (as a passenger only), your avatar will stop walking and will instead start flying on a broom! It’s quite fun to watch really.

So that’s everything I’ve picked up so far.

Do you have any tips or tricks that I’ve missed?

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