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Heading to Edinburgh Book Festival

Heading to Edinburgh Book Festival

Hello All!

I am so excited to be writing this post today and to share the news that I have been given Press Accreditation for the Edinburgh Book Festival! I still cannot quite believe that it happened but I am so excited and cannot wait.

So today I just wanted to write a little post about my plans, both for the Festival and for my very first time in Edinburgh!

My Plans for the Festival

I might have gone a little overboard with the requesting tickets for this event but I am also not sure if I will get the chance again so I decided to give it my all this time around! Over the space of four days, I am going to be attending numerous events. Most of which I am incredibly excited about!

Saturday 10th August

I have signed up for one event on the Saturday which is to go see Yasmin Rahman. As I was unable to go to her panel at YALC, I’m really excited to finally get a chance to hear her talk.
I’ve now started All The Things We Never Said and it is so incredible so I cannot wait to listen to her talk about friendships which are so important in the book.

Sunday 11th August

So this is the first day where I have a fair few events to go to but I will be starting the day off with the amazing Malorie Blackman and I am incredibly excited! Malorie is one of my favourite authors and I cannot wait to listen to her speak once again.

I will then be going to a Feminist Fantasy panel with Deirdre Sullivan & Maria Turtschaninoff which sounds really fantastic and well worth a listen so I am very much interested in this.

My last event on the Sunday is with M A Bennett & Gabriel Dylan who are talking about Unnerving the Dead. It sounds spooky and fab. Being in the middle of Edinburgh for this talk just feels right.

Monday 12th August

I’ll be starting the day off with the crime duo, Hannah Beckerman & Bev Thomas, which I’m excited about. I have read a lot more crime in recent years but I’ve not heard too many author talks on the subject so I am definitely intrigued about it.

I’m then going to an event with Holly Smale & Catherine Wilkins as they talk about teen geeks and as a geek myself, and a fan of Geek Girl, I am really interested in this one and am excited to see what it’s going to be like.

I am also very excited as the next panel I will be going to is with the lovely Abi Elphinstone. I am a bit behind on her books but I know that they are very good so I am very excited to hear more about them.

This is the day when I try and cram everything in, the next panel I will be heading to is with Tom Huddleston & Jamie Smith where they talk about Fantasy Worlds. I thought it would be interesting to see how this differs from the Feminist Fantasy talk on the Sunday!

Lastly, I will be finishing the Sunday with a talk from Chris Brookmyre. I’ve not actually read anything by Chris but I’ve heard he’s very good and I’m interested to see if he can intrigue me enough to pick up his book!

Tuesday 13th August

Finally, I will be heading to a talk run by Joanne Harris. This is an author that I’ve never seen before and one that I’ve only read one book for but I absolutely loved it so I am incredibly excited to see her and listen to her panel.

My Plans for Edinburgh

There is so much in Edinburgh that I would love to do so we’re going to try and do as much of it as we can in this trip. Here are the things that we’re hoping to be able to do while we’re there.

Hop On and Off City Bus

This has been recommended to me by a few people and I honestly love the idea of it. Not just being able to go and see all of the sights we want to see easily but also to be able to fully see the Edinburgh streets as well.

Ghost Walk

It would be impossible to go to Edinburgh and not go on a Ghost Walk. The whole city is one of the most haunted places in the UK and as a love of ghostly tales, I think this is definitely going to be a highlight of my trip!

Harry Potter Sights

As a big Potter nerd, there is absolutely no way that I am heading to Edinburgh and not going around and checking out all of the Harry Potter related things – including the cafe in which J.K wrote the books!

Scottish Highlands

This one is probably going to be a bit ambitious of us but as we’re going to be so close, we have decided we’re also going to spend some time in the Scottish Highlands. I absolutely love being out in nature and the countryside so I am very excited to see what the Highlands are like.

Is there anything else in Edinburgh you think that I should try and see or do while I’m there?


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