Join Me and Join the Bloggiesta!

Hey Guys!
So, thanks to the wonderful Käthe over at Good Lit, Green Tea I was introduced to the Bloggiesta!

But what is it, I hear you ask?
Well, that’s easy! It’s a three-day weekend where Bloggers (even non-book bloggers!) say goodbye to everything non-blog related and spend the time focussing only on their blog!

But what is the purpose of this?
Simple! All those small tasks that you always plan to do but never get around to doing because of your schedule can be sorted out! Are your tags all over the place? Do you feel like a new layout? What about just re-organising your pages or sidebar? Well, this weekend would be the time to do it! Or even just to write out some reviews you’ve been meaning to get to! You can do anything you want!

Is there anything else going on?
Of course! Throught the three days there will be mini-challenges going on too where hosts will even teach you how to do some things that you may have been dying to know, such as basic HTML, or getting social buttons on your sidebar, etc! So not only will you be able to re-organise your blog and get your to-do list sorted, you may also learn something too!

Cool, but I’m still not convinced, can’t I just do all that alone?
Ah, but have you? The best idea of this weekend is that everyone will be doing it together. Everyone will post a to-do list and then all the bloggers participating can motivate each other and really get people doing what they need to do. Besides, you’d get to meet new bloggers and probably make some new friends in the process. So your blog will get to look fab, you’ll make friends and you’ll have fun while doing it. Why wouldn’t you want to join?

Okay, but, um, when is it?
Oh! Have I not said? Bloggiesta runs on March 30th, 31st and April 1st. Bloggers can participate on one day, both days or on all three days. It’s all up to you!

So, do you want to join yet?
Why not check out the host website where it explains it (probably better than I did!) here and then, when you’ve read all that information, you can sign up here!
You can also follow the twitter handle @bloggiesta or look out for #bloggiesta!

Look forward to seeing you all at the end of the month ready for some much-needed blog tlc (for my blog, of course)



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