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Lorelai Gilmore


Lorelai Gilmore

Hello All!
Today’s post, if you haven’t guessed yet is about Lorelai Gilmore, one of my favourite characters in Gilmore Girls and today I am writing a little post about why I love her and some of my favourite moments with her in Gilmore Girls to help celebrate the release of Lauren Graham‘s new book, Talking As Fast As I Can.

While most people start watching Gilmore Girls and relate in large part of Rory, I found myself instantly falling in love with Lorelai. I really loved that Rory was a reader and loved academia, as well as many other traits but I’ve always found myself connected more to Lorelai.

The reasons for this are:

– She loves/lives on coffee and I feel this so much
– She’s strong and independent
– She’s sarcastic
– She’s witty and fun
– She’s got dreams and aspirations
– She’s a fantastic mum

She’s just an exceptional character that I just could not help but admire. Because of that, I cannot tell you how excited I am about Lauren’s book and finding out what it was like to play this vibrant and wonderful character.

Lorelai Moments

Knowing my luck I am going to miss something major off this list because my memory is awful but here’s just a few moments that I love. (Without being too spoilery) Mostly, these are just moments where we truly get to see who Lorelai is.

1. The first time we see her go into Luke’s and she practically begs him for coffee.
2. The moment Rory gets accepted into Chilton – she’s just so happy and emotional and it’s lovely to see.
3. Lorelai’s first proper interaction with her mum and dad on the show – This builds up a good backstory of how things are between them.
4. All of her moments with Sookie – It shows how wonderful a friend she is, their friendship together is so beautiful.
5. All of her moments at town events – This shows how much of a community person she is, and how lovely Stars Hollow is!
6. Rory’s Graduation – The pride!
7. The moment when Dragonfly Inn opens – it is everything she’s ever wanted and it’s finally happened, a beautiful moment.
8. Lane’s Wedding – Lorelai pulls out all the stops to get Lane and her mother to be on talking terms and not ruin the wedding, showing just how much she cares and is wonderful at organisation.
9. The moment with her dad in the hospital – because of the emotions and how you can see how much she loves and cares for him.
10. The very final scene. – I won’t say anything more than that so as not to spoil it but if you’ve seen it, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

What are some of your favourite moments?


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