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That All Important Rest*

That All Important Rest

Sleep is one of those essential parts of life. It’s what gives us energy to deal with the day but it also allows our brain and muscles to recuperate from the day and gear up for the next. It’s a chance for our amazing bodies to heal themselves too. All of this is hindered by bad nights of sleep. Therefore it is very important to our well-being to try and get a good nights of sleep.

One of the easiest ways to do this would be to sleep in Adjustamatic adjustable beds.

However, if you don’t have one, like I don’t, I thought I’d share some of the ways that I strive to get a good night of sleep. (Albeit something I’ve been struggling to do recently so if you have any other suggestions, please let me know!)

Suggestions for a Good Night’s Sleep

1. Read a book
This is usually a good way to fall asleep. Reading forces your brain to work and if you’re tired, it’ll make you more tired and allow you to drift off naturally. Just try not to get to addicted to the story…

2. Drink a hot milky drink like hot chocolate or horlics
Hot milk, for some reason, is one of those calming things that just seems to make you tired. I don’t know why but I know it has definitely helped me in the past.

3. Put on a film you’ve seen a thousand times before
For me, I usually have to have some sound when I fall asleep, so I often stick on films or programmes I know by heart so that I can just have it on in the background and it basically just lulls me to sleep.

4. Play some soothing and low music
Same as above. It is known that music can help to soothe the brain and calm it down enough for it to relax, allowing you to drift off into dreamland.

5. Get up, sort out whatever worries you have that may be interrupting your sleep
If you’re really struggling because your mind is in overdrive. Get up and do something, either deal with your worries or do something to distract them like colouring. Eventually it’ll allow you mind to drift off.

6. Do not look at the time
This is so important to me because the minute you look at the time, you get the “if you fall asleep now, you’ll get x amount of sleep” voice and that will never help you sleep.

7. Clear your mind
Easier said than done but I find that relaxation techniques of breathing in and out and grounding myself on what is happening around me is really helpful for this. Also if you clench all the muscles in your body and then slowly release them one by one is a good tip to clearing the mind and feeling tired too.

8. Shower or Bathe
And if all else fails, I always find that if I have a bath or shower before bed then that also helps me to fall asleep. Something about being warm and fresh and comfortable, I guess.

What tips do you have?

*Please note* This post was a sponsored post but all words are my own.


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